Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last Saturday I went to a Yoga class at the gym I work out at. I've always heard great things about Yoga...but never been really interested. I've been missing out! I went to the gym ready to work out, feel the burn, & get a good sweat goin'...and yoga did just that, and more!! I felt rejuvinated, yet incredibly relaxed...I felt like my flexibility was improved just from that one class...and I made friends with a nice woman on the yoga mat next to me. I loved the funny names of the poses..."downward facing dog," "hastasana," "[something] cow", just to name a few...and at the end, the instructor said, "Namaste," and the class said it back to her. I looked it up, and it means
"I respect the divinity that is within you that is also within me."

This is a picture of me...okay, okay not me technically...but it will be me in just a few days! Adam and I (along with his two brothers & their cute wives) will be heading to Belize on Thursday!!!!!...and I plan to do a couple yoga sessions on the beach, hopefully Adam will join me!...we'll see how it goes (doing it from memory & getting poses off the internet. haha)

That's what I call paradise...we can't wait :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mt. Hood

As I promised in my last post, here's an account of our climb. Although it wasn't technically successful (we didn't summit), Adam & I both feel like we conquered & came out on top :)
My Dad has a passion for climbing and hiking...and his love for nature & all of Heavenly Father's creations has blessed our family. I've been so excited the last couple months, knowing that he would be taking Adam and I on the climb! And I had hoped it would be a good experience for Adam, because I've climbed Hood a few times & the conditions were not so good (crazy winds, white-outs, and bad snow)....but this was the best climb I've been on!!! The weather was perfect (clear skies & a light wind to keep us from getting too hot from hiking) and the the snow conditions were great too, for about 98% of the time...we didn't summit because we started a little too late, the sun was melting the snow & causing too much ice fall.
And Adam was a natural!! He's been hiking, but this was his first climb...he was always at the head of the pack & was great with all of the gear...that's my hubby!
* Adam, Corrie (little sis), & Dad gearing up *

* Here we are puttin' on our boots...and if we look a little tired, it's because we were. It was 1 AM *

* Here's our team...Adam, me, Corrie, Scott (Corrie's friend), Alex (boy in our church ward), & Dad *

* I tried to capture the stunning sunrise...it's pretty blury, but the colors are sweet *

* We start hiking from Timberline Lodge...and here are the guys climbing the ski slope...it's a long way...but a dang good work out! *

* Corrie & I were a little behind the guys by a few minutes at one point (we were the tortises & they were the hares...haha) and when we caught up, this it what we saw...ZZZZZZZZ! Sweet dreams fellas! heehee *
* I have this thing for shadows...and the mountain made a magnificent one!! It was awesome to see it move across the valley as the sun crept up the other side... *

* Here's Pops...drinking a climber's nectar of life: Powerade :) *

* I have to be honest and say that I was SO excited to kiss Adam on the summit! (kind of nerdy, but i thought it'd be romantic;) This kiss more than made up for it though ;) *

* Another sweet shadow pic...it's of us climbing the Hog's Back (a ridge that leads to the Pearly Gates...then to the summit) *

* This was our last push to the top...before my Dad said we should turn around because the snow conditions were not safe...He didn't want to turn around, but played it smart *

* This is a picutre of Scott, and to the right is the Hog's Back...the view was breathtaking to say the least *

* Here we are, stopped for breakfast :) ...it may or may not have been that we were tired & very hungry, but i tell ya that bagel with PB & honey was to die for ;) *
* After hiking down the more technical parts, we get to the top of the ski slope and descend in style...SLEDS!! =D *

* ...or, if you're an awesome, in-shape 56 year old, you'll hike up with your skiis so you can
My Dad rocks :) *
* we're pretty hardcore *

* This, my friends, is most definitely a posed shot...the way down was not like the smooth roller coaster ride we were trying to depict here...but we laughed the whole way! We tried all sorts of ways to manuever our packs & keep our [rather flimsy] sled from goin ape-wild & steering us off course! Our most successful sledding technique was to have me sit cross-legged in the front, Adam would kneel behind me and hold on to my shoulders, meanwhile i steered with my hands...we were quite the sight to behold. hAHhahAhahaHA *
* The gang in front of Mt. Hood...lookin' good ;) *
Thanks for the amazing climb Dad!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet Home Vancouver!

Our trip to Vancouver was awesome...honestly...loved every minute of it! Even the plane ride was pretty darn nice :) (Delta has more than just peanuts as a complimentary snack...they have these scrumptious little Biscotti cookies that Adam & I enjoyed thoroughly! haha I like to enjoy the little things in life) It was dark when we pulled into Portland, so I couldn't see all the beautiful tree's, but I imagined them, and I smiled. Adam & I were so excited to see my parents, my 2 younger sisters, and my sister & her family that were coming the next day from Spokane. It felt SO GOOD to be HOME!

* This is a THANK YOU kiss for my sweet hubby for bringing me home *

* Portland does NOT mess around...the picture above is of a toilet in a public restroom @ the airport...it's hard to read, but the sign explains the reason for the special green handle ;) For "liquid waste" you pull up & for "solid waste" you push down...awesome. We like to conserve water in the NW...& recycle...proud of it too *

Friday afternoon Natalie & Duane and their 5 adorable kids arrived! They got there while Adam, Corrie (little sis), and I were at the gym...and it was great that we were in our gym clothes 'cause the kids wanted to go outside & it ended up sprinkling...kids get to play in the rain, and we get to cool off...eveyone wins :)

* Here's Natalie & me enjoying some delicious strawberries on the deck ** The kids LOVE their "GRAMPA"!! (i still say it like that, haha) He was telling them how you can "track" an animal...which is just what they did! *
* Here's 2 of the "trackers" (Aaron & Jason)...they made mud and then smoothed it out on the ground, on the side of the house, in hopes that an animal (racoon or possum) would walk over it that night & leave their tracks! It was so darn cute how excited they got! *

* "It looks like poo! It looks like poo!!!" I was laughing so hard i almost did just that ;) *

Saturday was Shauna's wedding day!!!!! We went to the Portland Temple and attended a beautiful sealing/wedding ceremony. It was so amazing to hear those promises again...Adam & I were sweetly reminded to serve eachother, to forgive eachother, to look toward our Heavenly Father together, to trust eachother...just a few of the ingredients to make a deliciuosly, truly happy life together as husband & wife :)

* We waited outside the temple for them...enjoying the beautiful flowers & landscaping of the temple...it literally is perfect :) *
INTRODUCING: Mr. & Mrs. Steve Amondson

* They are SO happy!!! And we're happy for them :) *

* Here we are with my good friend Monica & her hubby Dave :) we were all very excited for Shauna & Steve to join the club *

* the wedding party *
* Shauna & her bridesmaids...the bouquets were so fun! *
The reception later that night was beautiful! It was so fun to be there celebrating with Shauna & Steve! Our digital camera ran out of juice...so no pictures of the reception :( but definitely some good memories :)
On Sunday, Adam & I were able to sleep in and we woke up to the smell of rising sweet rolls :) And not just any sweet rolls...my Mom's famous sweet rolls with delicious homemade cream cheese icing! The kids helped her roll out the dough, spread the butter, sprinkle the cinnamon sugar, roll the dough, and cut the rolls...nothing like helping Gramma in the kitchen!

* Here's my little nephew, Jason, enjoying Gramma's sweet rolls...MMMMMMM! *
On Monday I was able to pick up Celeste (little sis) from school...and I visited with my pottery teacher from high school! :) His name is Mr. Knoper...but he has his students call him Mike. He rocks :) I LOVED HIS CLASS. And i'm so glad Celeste is enjoying it too! My parents have her bowls, & platter all over the house...she's awesome :)

* Me & Mike *
Late Monday night...as in 11:30 pm...we headed out to climb Mt. Hood. (you have to start climbing in the middle of the night so that you summit before the sun melts the snow & creates avalanche danger...) We didn't quite summit...we were so close!...but it was a gorgeous climb, and I was so glad to have Adam experience one of my Dad's passions :)
* Here's Adam in front of the map of Mt. Hood at the base :) There are lots more pictures of the climb...so I'm dedicating a whole post to it , tomorrow :] *
We got back from the climb with just enough time to shower & pack (or throw & shove our clothes into our suitcases) and head to the airport. It ended all too soon!!! But we'll be back! Thanks for a great time Mom & Dad!!!
* my sweet mom took us to the airport...it was a sweet "see you soon!"...they're coming to Utah in July! woohoo! *

Thursday, April 16, 2009

adam & gracie sitting in a tree...

...[eskimo] K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!

Our sweet little niece Gracie just ADORES her Uncle Adam...
as you can tell :)
...she couldn't get enough of him while we were in St. George!
...even when he puts CHEERIOS in her EARS...bahaha

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

our friend Shauna :)

This is our friend Shauna:
She's as sweet, no wait, SWEETER than the gimungous icecream cone in the picture :)
(Her favorite ice-cream flavor in the world in the
one in the middle...classic chocolate)
I (Haley) have known Shauna since I was of the ripe old age of 3...and we were good friends growing up :) When we decided to be roommates our freshman year at BYU-Idaho lots of people said things like,

“Are you sure you want to room with a friend??”
“I hear friends become enemies after living with each other...especially girls.”

Isn't that SAD?!?! Those thoughts never crossed my mind when thinking about us rooming together...and when people mentioned them, those silly assumptions quickly left my thoughts because I knew what an amazing, sweet, fun, genuine, caring person she was. I considered myself extremely lucky. But after living with her for 2 years at college...I'd say I was blessed.
I'm a better person because of Shauna. Almost all of my favorite memories at college involved her (we're talking 99.99% folks)!! Shauna is like a sister to me...I can tell her about anything, and I know she'll listen (she's one of the best listeners I know)...I can ask for advice...I can trust that any visit (in person or on the phone) will begin & end with laughter...she was always so patient with my [cluttered] side of the room, while her organizational skills are amazing (man, I wish they rubbed off on me a little more;) & her side was also neat & tidy...she constantly has a smile on...and I know that Shauna will always put others first. I want to be like her when I grow up. I love her so much!!!! AND......... I'm SO happy she'll be getting married in the Portland temple this weekend...
April 18th, 2009 she'll be sealed to
her forever sweetheart, Steve Amondson.
He's a great guy...I know he'll treat her like a queen...those two are perfect together :) And Adam & I are going to celebrate with them in Vancouver!! We can't wait to see them start they're life together! (And I'm SOOOOO excited to talk with her about being a newly wed! I've talked with her a ton already...telling her exciting news, silly stories, and to just talk about girl stuff ;) But now we can REALLY talk and share and understand so much more, wahoo!)
Here are a few of the millions & trillions of photos (okay, not that many...but we've captured a lot of great moments together) of our sweet memories!
And then there are some photos of Shauna & Steve, her fiance...can I just say they are going to have some dang cute children!!!

Fall '06 - Hanging out in our dorm room =)
There's only 1 word for that couple...REDICULOUSLYGOODLOOKING!!!
Summer '07 - We were just monkeyin' around at the Bellingham Tulip Festival

End of Summer '07 - The oregon coast...best beach trip EVER!

Fall '07 - After the Guitars Unplugged concert!! Rock on! ;)

oops, out of order!...Summer '08 - The John Mayer concert in Vancouver...(we have a secret crush on him, but our sweethearts are cool with it;)

Fall '07 - We were lucky enough to be in an awesome, very spirited, student ward! This was right before the Spirit Relay

Spring '08 - She was there on my special day...it meant the world to me that she came!!

Spring '08 This was during our reception...during this extra special dance, he said "I love you" for the first time :)

Fall '08 Here are the two lovebirds...GO SEAHAWKS!!

Fall '08 - What a great team...nice pumpkin shoon & steve!

Fall '08 - This was one of their engagement pics...b-e-a-utiful! And like I said, they're going to make some good looking children!!! heehee:)

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