Saturday, October 31, 2009

We love Halloween time!

Here are a few reasons why:

* Spooky Cupcakes*

* Snacking on orange oreos and chocolate milk...mmmmm! *

* Putting spider webs on everything...i'm wierd, but i love that stuff! *

* Halloween decor and treats *

* Picking the perfect pumpkin(s)! *

* Carving the pumpkins...while watching a DVD on the laptop :) *

* pumpkin GUTS *

* first Eggnog of the season...while carving. Cheers! *

* Getting sweet treats from sweet sister-in-laws!!! (thanks SO much Becca! it was delish) *

And last but not least...going to Walmart and seeing these fellows enjoying All Hallow's Eve a bit too much...LOVE IT!!! hahahaha!
(check out this guys' legs! bow-chica-wowWow!! HA)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've been diagnosed...

yep...(don't worry, it's nothing like the Swine Flu). I caught the Egyptian Flu and have had it for the last 5 months actually...luckily I haven't had to deal with the really bad symptoms, I was just really tired for the first bit. And Adam has been so sweet to me the whole time, always asking if I feel okay and if he can get me anything :)

It's not contagious (whew!), but the doctors tell me I will have the Egyptian flu for the next 4 months or so...then comes stage 2...
...I'LL BE A MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(heehee!...sorry that was so cheesy. I heard that joke a month ago and couldn't resist...seeing that it is Halloween-time and all ;)

* 7 weeks *

* almost 11 weeks *

And the photos below are from our ultra-sound today :)

Adam and I are SOOOOOOOOO excited we're starting our little family together :) We feel so blessed...and can't wait for our little baby to come to us in March (the 16th)! Like I said, we had our 20-week appointment today and it was amazing!!! We were so relieved to know that the baby is healthy and we were SO happy to get more pictures of our little guy or girl...precious =) We'll keep ya updated!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Comforting words...

A good friend of mine put this on her blog...and I'd thought I'd followed suit :) Mormon Messages are awesome, and think this is my favorite one so far:

The men that spoke are humble servants of our God. I'm so grateful they're willing to serve and share their profound and loving insights...words that our Heavenly Father wants us to hear.
I wrote down a few of the parts that touched me the most:
"Our natures can be changed..." (for the better)
- President Eyring

"We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today, our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever. ...He sees us as glorious beings we are capable of becoming..."
- Elder Wirthlin

"Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer Lives."
(from the song, I Know That My Redeemer Lives)
- President Monson

Friday, October 23, 2009

PART DOS of our UnBELIZEable trip...

FINALLY!...the second part of our Belize trip from last August!
(I took so many pictures of this half of our adventures, but chose just a "few" to highlight)
This part of our trip was just as amazing as the first, but very different...we were not in the sweet little village of Chunox with orange & avocado trees in our yard, with families always waving from their porch or yard (but we did go back for our last day)...we missed those things :) But things we did NOT miss were having no air conditioning in sweltering/muggy heat and misquitos up the wazoo... We flew to the island of San Pedro and stayed in a nice little hotel...and well, you'll see the rest of our adventures in the pictures!!!
* The morning we left Chunox we had this "little" visitor to bid us farewell...YIKES!!! *
(yes, that is a tarantula!)

* First time on a bi-plane! Just a one-hour flight to the island... *

* Our view from the airplane...gorgeous! As was the rest of Belize :) *

* Me, Becc, and LaCol...smooches for our handsomes!! *

* We were on a dock near our hotel and I just couldn't resist...these are just 2 random, ADORABLE little boys that reminded me of Little Rascals...heehee! They were fishing in about 5 inches of water...

* Adam and I on the deck of our hotel! :) *

After getting settle in the hotel, we hit the ocean (that sounds sooooo cool! haha Kinda like "hitting the lake"...) for some snorkeling and scuba diving!!

* Water from a bag/sack...pretty darn satisfying :) *

* SHARK! SHARK! Yep, we swam with sharks!!!! While they are just nurse sharks, it still got my heart rate to double as i got into the water ;) *

* Adam about ready to test out his new scuba skills!!! HE LOVED IT! He, Luke, Ben, and LaCol said it was absolutely glad they had a great time! *

* can't get enough kissy-fishy faces!!! *

The snorkeling Becca and I did was fantastic!!!!!! We saw tons of colorful fish, ornate coral, creepy-beyond-all-reason eels, lobsters, manta-rays, and of course the nurse sharks (big ones and babies)!! Becca got some amazing photos on her underwater camera...but sadly, the memory card feel out of her backpack later in the trip...huge bummer...but we still have the awesome memories!!!! :D

* After scuba diving and snorkeling we had a nice walk home...and found this picture perfect opportunity :) *

* The pictures above and below were fun little shots too...I have to say, I'm so lucky to have a hubby that's so patient with me and my little passion for taking photos *
* One of the nights we went to dinner where they had a live band! They were we danced :) *

* We went to a scripture study one of the nights and the next day we met up the LDS missionaries and took them out to lunch! We love missionaries!*

Second day of scuba diving also included fishing!!!!!!
* The first fish I've EVER caught!!! How cool is it that it was in the Carribbean?...pretty cool, i think ;) *

After fishing, we headed back to the beach and the men that took us fishing prepared the fish for us...yep, on the deck. haha! But it didn't stop us from enjoying the best and most fresh fish tacos of our lives!!!
* the picture of the open-face taco doesn't give it was delectable :) And like almost every other meal, we had Fanta to wash it down *
* Enjoying our fish tacos while our feet played in the water...paradise *

* We saw this sign when we got back to mainland Belize (on our way back to Chunox)'s MY beach!!! (minus the "i"...and the "Muchies and booze"...HAHA!) *

* We were so excited to see our cute little friends!...and they were pretty pumped too...they had built goals and set up their "field" for soccer game that night *

* The kids got us girls stadium seating (the backseat of an old cargo van, which we filled, all nice and snug). They had nothing, yet they figured out a way for us to comfortable while watching the boys play soccer :) SO SWEET! *

* The boys had some warm up drills...JUMPING JACKS (above) and PUSH UPS (below) awesome is that???? *
* I love this picture of becca! (yep, us girls joined in...not the original plan, but it was SO fun!) *
* It started to RAIN! (you can see it better if you click on the photo to make it bigger) rain ever...(even better than my Vancouver rain, and that says a lot) It was so hot, and the heavenly precipitation couldn't have come at a better time! *
* Final shot with both teams!! VIVE BELIZE and VIVE AMERICA!!!!!! :) *

The trip was absolutely unforgettable...a most amazing experience. I'm so grateful Adam and I were able to go together! (and we had some awesome travel buddies too) Here's a little recap:
On the trip we:
met some incredible people,
climbed unbelievable ruins,
saw gorgeous sunsets,
ate scrumptious food,
scratched too many misquito bites,
rode buses & bi-planes & troopers & boats,
swam with sharks,
drank refreshing pina coladas,
and soaked up the sun with our very best friends :)
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