Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BE GRATEFUL...good advice :)

Adam and I are in love with this "Mormon Messages" video :)

We'd have to agree with many of those great people on the streets of NYC...we are grateful for:
our cars
our home
breakfast, lunch, and dinner :)
good weather
Adam's job
our Savior
our parents

Some other things we're grateful for are:
Temples...our forever marriage
the Scriptures
good friends
college memories
airplanes and cell phones
our baby!
spontaneous date nights :)
freedom in our country
...the list could be much longer, but I need to go pack...we're heading to Spokane in just a few hours!!! Last year we had an absolutely dreamy Thanksgiving with Adam's family, and this year it's with the Stum's! Natalie and Duane (sister & brother-in-law) are so great to have my parents and sisters and Adam and I over for the holiday :) We can't wait to be with them! Their kids are positively adorable :) and we'll be meeting their newest addition, our little niece Amber!

Can't wait to post pictures from the trip and add more to our thankful-list :)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday catch-up :)

I have neglected our blog...sorry little blog :)
And i figured I'd better catch up on the last holiday (Halloween) before this next one (Turkey-Day in Spokane)!

Adam and i had a great Halloween!! We got dressed up...had too much fun doing just that...and then headed to a friend/co-worker or Adam's for a little partay :)

Can you guess what we dressed up as????
* "Peace & Quiet" heehee (a hippy and a mime) *

* the food was delish! And i love Becca's (sister-in-law) little baby bump! (we're so excited for our kiddos to be close cousins! just a couple weeks apart!) *

* Here's the group!! (minus Ben & LaCol, they came a little later) *

* Luke Skywalker (Luke) and Princess Laya (Becca) *
* us! *

* Frankenstein (Jeremy) and his wifey (Camary) *

* The Mad Hatter (LaCol) and the Scarecrow (Ben) *

* The Incredibles!! (Alla & Eli...and little Avin dressed up as Jack-Jack! haha! can you see his orange hair? ;) *

We played Spooky Pictionary and had a blast!!! Girls vs. Guys :)

* Camary depicting a very creepy voodoo doll *

* Adam workin' it! I love how the guys have to crowd around him...they're intense! *

* Becca is up to bat!!...and the girls followed the boys' suit by getting up-close ;) *

* One of my favorites...i love Eli's laugh/smile!! And it's because no one could get what he was drawing...(look below) *
* "TREE!" "BIRD!" "CAT IN TREE!" "BAT!" ....oh no...that's an owl. haHA! *

After the riotous game of pictionary, we watched a scary movie...I haven't watched a scary movie since high school, and I do not think I will watch another any time soon. [I'm turning into my mom ;) they just give me not-so-good feelings! haha]

* This was a "Thank you!" kiss to my lover for being so sweet and patient to dress up and put on sticky face paint :) i love him *

Halloween was great! And I'm such a nerd, but I'm already thinking of costumes for me, Adam, and our little one next year ;)

PS - i loved my fro...a little too much probably :)

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