Monday, July 26, 2010


We had suuuuccchh a great time at the Lambert/Anderson Reunion (my Mom's mom's side:) I canNOT wait to post the photos and fun stories of the weekend :)

But, 1st i need to mow the lawn (i love mowing the lawn, who's w/ me??), 2nd go shopping with the parentals for reunion number-two this weekend, and 3rd cook about a million pounds of ground beef (that i will not be partaking of) for a taco salad dinner at the reunion.

For now, enjoy this awesome video of Brooks' newest trick!! My cousin Shaun taught him...Brooks LOVES his "uncle" Shaun :)
I'm not sure what you call that irresistible lip-spitty-thingy...but let's call them zurbers, shall we?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where are your keys??

Brooks and I went to Costco today to get a couple things along with some groceries for a big family reunion (my mom's side) this weekend!!! We're SO excited to be with the family and meet some that we've never met (from the East Coast)!
BIG SMILES!! I had a big grin on while shopping mostly I was chatting with my Mom the whole time :) And 2nd, this nice, very old lady in the parkinglot helped me get a cart to put Brooks & the carseat in so I wouldn't have to carry it all the way to the store. How sweet! And then she asked if she could hold on to the side and walk with us...absolutely! We had a lovely chat on the way in.
Her name was Dorris.
She's a sweetheart.
Then, upon taking our groceries to the car, I searched through my purse for the where to be found. Uh-oh. I notice that I hear a car running, and I look but none of the other parked cars around have people in them.
I open my car only to feel the AC blasting and the keys in the ignition. OY. You can be sure a prayer of thanks was said by me that the car wasn't stolen. (can't wait to tell Adam when he gets home. I know he'll just *sigh* and say "Oh Haley..." Hopefully he'll laugh about it later) Goodness it's hard keeping track of everything when you have another human being to look after 24/7... So everyone, where are your keys??? hahaha

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kinzie's Wedding :)

Life is good.
ALL of it.
(except middle school, Adam calls that the "arm pit" of life, HA!)
I get the biggest grin on my face thinking of good times with my friends as teenagers, especially my best girl friends...we all went off to college...and now we're all getting married and some are having kiddos :) Crazy how quickly Life moves from one stage to the next. Makes me think of the song "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins...

But anywho,
[drumroll please...]
I'd like to introduce Mr. & Mrs. Chad Larsen!!
This gorgeous girl is one of very best friends, Makinzie :) She married her forever sweetheart on the July 2nd...SO happy for them!!
Kinz and the bridesmaids :)

*nom nom* Brooks thought my flowers were tasty ;)

*Me, Kinzie, and Shalyn*
Love these girls to death.
Girl's Camp brought us many awesome memories it's ridiculous :)

Chad (her hubby) doesn't like cake, so they had Donuts as the replacement...brilliant! They were gooooooddd....

Kinzie surpised Chad and sang him Adam Sandler's "I Wanna Grow Old With You"'s was the cutest thing...they're perfect for each other :)

Adam had to be at work all day :( So my dancing partner was my little B :)

Loved their get-away car =) The groomsmen did a nice job!

Again, so happy for my girl Kinz & her new husband Chad!!!
Yay for weddings!
Yay for best friends!
Yay for love!

Monday, July 19, 2010

4-Month Check-up & Randoms...

We saw Dr. Witt today.
[best the. world.]
He said Brooks is right on track!

Here are Little B's stats:
15.5 lbs - 59th percentile
26.25 inches - 88th percentile
(we have ourselves a tall one!)

** Pic of brave Brooks after getting more shots today...w/ the same nurse as last time...she's A-mazing! She's so quick that Brooks barely had time to make his famous raisin face, let out a couple good cries, I picked him up, and he smiled at her as she left the room :)

Dr. Witt said we can start easing him into solid foods [poor little guy will have to endure rice cereal...*gag*] and he should start sitting up soon...both exciting little milestones!
We are falling more in love with our little man every day...When Adam & I become a cute pair of old love birds, we're going to have a lot more wrinkles on our faces than expected--from smiling so much w/ our boy :)

And here are some random thoughts/updates I thought I'd jot (sp?) down and share with you:

1 - I loved listening to EFY songs today while doing the sister Celeste is going to her last year, and some of the Young Women in our ward have been talking about it...and I'll openly admit I was an EFY junky ;) Favorite week of summer in high school...and that's where I met Sharla (sister-in-law) who introduced me to Adam in in the making :)

2 - Keebler cookies came out with Coconut Delights = "Samoas"!!!!! That's right folks, we have the best Girl Scout cookie EVER on shelves at your local grocery store! Found them at Smith's today, and they were delish...brought back good memories of being a Girl Scout myself :)

3 - I am trying to soak up every minute of Brooks sleeping in my arms...there've been multiple friends/moms lately that have told me that their little one's don't do that any more...I know that will happen eventually...but for now, I love his sleeping little body next to my heart :)

4 - We had a fun dinner at a friend/neighbor's house tonight :) ...we brought a salad, fresh fruit, & the store-bought "Samoas"...and they had the good stuff: steak (and surprised us w/ ribs as well), corn on the cob, & asparagus. It was the PERFECT dinner...a farewell dinner...Bye-bye meat. I'm going to try being vegetarian (+eggs) for a time. Don't know how long...but I thought I'd try it out. I'm going to need to get creative to be sure I still get good protein in me...I'll post the good recipes I find :)

5 - I *heart* a 2 lb package at Costco today and I ate about a quarter of the package on my way home...yep, 1/2 a pound of bluuuuueee goodness ;)

6 - Congrats to my college roommate Alyssa & her hubby Ben! They had a beautiful baby boy last Friday...he's adorable!! We're SO excited and happy for them starting their own little family! They're going to be great parents :) We're all entering the next stage of it!

7 - This is a promise to myself (making it public so I'm held accountable) that w/in the next 2 days I'll post pics & stories of our last few adventures: short but SWEET trip home to WA, one of my best friend's weddings, and a few lake trips...I've gotta catch up before we have 2 family reunions and Kjar time at the cabin w/in the next two weeks, then Girl's Camp! Summer rocks.

PS - another smiling pic of Brooks at the Dr's today...he's easy on the eyes, eh ladies??

Friday, July 16, 2010

Say "I love you Dad!"

Technology is wonderful.
...especially iTechnology. haha
We just sent this little video to daddy at work via cell phone.
Hope it puts a biiiiiggg smile on his face...and yours :)

Now it's off to Flaming Gorge we go!!
Have a fabulous weekend!
We hope to :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tea Party for the Birthday Girl

It was Momma Kjar's birthday on Saturday!...and we (her daughters & daughters-in-law) thought that a tea party would the perfect way to celebrate and treat her like a queen on her special day :)
The weather was heavenly so we had our afternoon tea outside in the Kjar's backyard...
We sipped cool, delicious raspberry lemonade from our tea cups (I got them all from the D.I. for under a dollar each!) with plump raspberries afloat to give our "tea" an extra sweet touch...
We each had a gorgeous, fragrant rose by our place setting... along with an adorable little card with "Afternoon Tea Etiquette" that Katie made :)
I had fun making these finger sandwiches that morning...
There was cucumber dill on rye, egg salad on a multigran baguette, chicken salad w/ pineapple & cranberries on potato bread, and tuna on multigrain crunch bread.
There was also a delicious relish tray and a scrumptious pasta salad.
These 3 little ladies are just adorable...I am one lucky aunt.
Here's the whole group :) Grandma Kjar and Shauna (Stana's sister) came was so fun visiting with everyone.
For dessert, Mandy, with the help of her 2 cute girls, made these divine fruit tarts with a creamy lemon curd. So refreshing, and so addictive.
Here's the birthday girl!!!
We love you Momma Kjar! You're a blessing in our lives :)

Saturday was better than perfect :) And we've all decided that we're going to make this afternoon tea party a monthly event...gloves, hats, pearls and all (I'm already excited for a winter afternoon where we'll have hot chocolate with a variety of creamers and warm scones...while enjoying great conversation with phenomenal women.

*cheers* to classy women that love and appreciate much needed girl-time and good ol' fashioned tea party!
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