Monday, December 27, 2010

* 2010 Christmas *

Our Christmas Eve started with enjoying some delicious paninis and sipping some bubbly sparkling cider) next to the fire...which Adam just got working that day! That was a Christmas present in and of itself :)

We then packed up little Brooks & headed to see the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake.
Adam and I loved it, and we think we want to make that a tradition with our little family every year. I love the Christmas spirit that radiates with all of the Christmas lights...but especially from the glow of the the temple.
I should have snapped more pictures of the lights!...that place is COVERED with twinkling lights...I love it. But I was too busy hold Adam's hand in his coat pocket :)
{a beautiful nativity in the middle of the reflection pool}

Being on those grounds always brings back sweet memories of being married in the Salt Lake temple not too long ago. Isn't it stunning?

We headed home to make sure that we put cookies and milk out for Santa. ended up being cookies, hot chocolate & peppermint candy icecream.
aaaaaaaaannd, we may or may not have taken a few bites & sips ourselves ;)
And just for journaling know that picture of that soft, glowing fire in the first photo? Well, it breaks my heart...but our little B burnt his fingers on the glass covering :( I had left the room to grab something real quick...and it happened...I felt SO bad!!
He was such a little trooper though, and enjoyed putting his hands in the cool water. He was pretty fussy the rest of the night, and we finally got him to go to sleep, snuggled up next to his Daddy in bed :)
I had to grab a pic of the tree, all lit up, with presents placed under...most of which are from sweet family & friends. We went with "less is more" this year :)

Du-nu-nu-nu Du-nu-nu-nu BATMAN!
Our plan was to have superhero themed Christmas PJs for out little family...I bought my and Adam's shirts to put hand-made logos for Iron Man and Wonderwoman...maybe we'll make them for New Years :)
We had fun helping Brooks open his presents :) He's still working on the unwrapping/ripping concept...he was more content with eating the paper. haha But it was so fun to see him play with his toys and read a few of his "new" books.
(Kid to Kid was pretty much Santa's workshop this year:)
The shirt in the upper-right is from our cruise! It was fun picking it out for him :)
{Santa gave our little man this fun Tonka truck and push-toy...can't wait to see him really learn how to play with it!}

{goodness I love that man's smile!}

{The linky toys were Brooks' favorite gift from Grandma and Grandpa Stum}

{Brooks is a little animal for sure! A couple of Brooks' little friends got him that shirt...TOO perfect}

{checking out the goods in his stocking}

Our main Christmas gift this year was the cruise...but Adam and I got a few fun gifts from each other, and from Santa :)
{the pic on the upper-right is actually a gift from our sis-in-law has a charm w/ a picture of Adam & Brooks on one side, and a pic of the temple on the sweet}
{that picture is for Adam's office at work...a favorite of ours}

Later Christmas day we headed to the Kjars for a Christmas feast!
We exchanged presents...and this little fabric Noah's Ark for Brooks, from Grandma & Grandpa Kjar, is pretty much the cutest thing on the face of the planet
{Brooks loves his Aunt Katie (upper-left)}

LATE that night my family came into town!! (Dad, Mom, Corrie, & Celeste) It was SO GOOD to enjoy a wonderful Sunday with them. They live in Washington, and it had been about 5 months since we had seen my Dad or Celeste...they loved seeing how much Brooks has grown and how much more he plays and interacts with you! Oh I love how the holidays bring families together :)
{upper left: Corrie
upper right: Mom & Dad
bottom: Adam, Haley, Celeste}

I adore my parents...such adorable little love birds :)
After our BIG lunch, snuggling and naps quickly followed...
Then came the introduction of the Tim-Tam slam.
Remember when I wrote about them here?? Go and see how it's done :)
{Corrie = new Tim-Tam model don't you think?}
{And this time we had them with hot-cocoa...OH MY.}

Then we played a fun game of Pictionary-Telephone!
Kind of hard to explain...but everyone starts with their own pile of papers equal to the number of people playing...they write a word or phrase...everyone passes their pile to next person on their right reads the word/phrase, moves it to the back of the pile, then draws their what they read...everyone passes their piles again, and they write down on the next sheet what they think the drawing is...and repeat...until everyone has their own piles.
It turns out pretty hilarious! I love to see the creativity of people, and the way we interpret the phrases and drawings :)
Here are a few fun examples:
{top: Hansel & Gretel
bottom: animal shaped pancakes}
{top: Avatar
bottom: T-rex --> Trogdor the Burninator}

And I just had to share these sweet photos of Brooks with his Grandpa Dad is SO great with his grandkids. I have a pretty feeling they'll be good buddies as little B gets older.
{lower-left picture Grandpa is showing Brooks his watch..."And this is the barometric pressure." heehee You're too cute Dad}

What a FANTASTIC holiday weekend :)
How lucky are we that we could spend time with the Kjars AND the Stums?? :) We 're so blessed to have such wonderful families.

And even though Christmas is over...I'm going to do my best to keep the spirit alive through the year...the spirit of giving...the spirit of Christ.

PS - Brooks and I, along with my parents, Corrie & Celeste are heading down to St. George for a few days to spend time with my brother and his family. I'm SO excited!!! Just sad that my other half wont' be joining us. (Adam has to But I am grateful for his job, and how hard he works for our family!) So, I'm signing off for a few days. Chao! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Christmas brings so much HAPPY into a home :)
Especially when it's your little [BAT]man's 1st Christmas!
{Brooks in his not-so-traditional Christmas PJ's...enjoying his Tonka truck from Santa}

Can't wait to share the rest of our weekend :) Hope you all had a lovely holiday surrounded by people you care about most!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elf + baked goods = new tradition

Okay, so I technically didn't BAKE the goods that we'll be delivering to family & friends...I jazzed up some ginger snaps with white chocolate, and pretzels with milk chocolate. Next year the goods will be baked in the kitchen of yours truly, I promise.

But while I was creating our holiday plate of goodies, Adam and I watched Elf.
That movie never, ever, gets old. You want to know why I love Elf so much?
Because it brings out the inner kid in me. It makes me want to
ride the escalator all the way to the top in the splits,
congratulate random little shops that make the best of anything (coffee in Buddy's case),
eat spaghetti for breakfast (minus the candy & maple syrup),
hang up paper snowflakes all over your house,
not be afraid to be myself,
being so optimistic I ooze with cheeriness,
and still believe in Santa.

{White chocolate-dipped ginger snaps & "SANTA'S COMING!!!!"}

"Drizzling milk chocolate on the pretzels and "Baby it's coooooold ooouttt siiiiidde!"}

{Sweet & salty pretzels and "You missed...smooch!"}

{following suit of Buddy & Jovie}

{cookies, pretzels, and clementines...a tradition at my house growing up was covering pretzels with chocolate and sticking cloves in oranges [a natural air freshner] as our Christmas plate of goodies for friends & neighbors}

We'll be taking the Christmas batch to Adam's co-workers today, and then a New Year's batch to friends and neighbors next week :)

PS - You may have noticed, but the photos caught a few of my favorite scenes from Elf :)
What are your favorite scenes or quotes??

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chocolates, Cheeks, and Christmas Cards

It is most DEFINITELY the most WONDERFUL time of the year.

CHOCOLATES abound...
{these aren't any chocolates...they're HOMEMADE by my friend Penny. She works magic with's taking all I have to not dig in and wait 'til Adam gets home!}

a CHEEKY grin from my little B.

Our CHRISTMAS CARD...oh how I love Christmas cards :)

Only 3 more sleeps people!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Lover's Cruise {as told by my iPhone}

As the title implies...this post is filled with iPhone pics because some sand got in my camera right where the cord connects it to my I haven't been able to download any pictures of the cruise from my camera to the computer :( But LUCKILY phones are so convenient now days and can capture some decent shots...and you'll notice that I found a few new favorite photo apps (Instagram & Pocketbooth). So enjoy the iphone pics as they tell the story of our cruise...
Enjoying paradise, just the 2 of us :)

Royal Carribbean ~ Mariner of the Seas


I loved the festive tree at this restaurant :)
and the massive, painted map of Mexico on the wall.
(actually just before we got off the ship...all the pics from Mazatlan are on the camera)

I love all the [mostly handmade] treasures at the shops...
Christmas in the air!

BEST fish tacos & coconut shrimp EVER:

You'd think eating near a STUNNING chandelier you'd eat all proper...
and I put a spoon on my nose...that's me ;)

That week brought back sweet memories of the days when it was just the two of us. Just with a change of scenery :)
I. Loved. Every. Minute.
But it also gave us a better appreciation for our little family and how true happiness is when we're ALL together.
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