Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happily Forever After

This past Thursday Adam and I were able to attend the marriage sealing of our wonderful friends and good neighbors the Lewis's. Morgan and Christi have been working toward getting their marriage sealed for the past 5 years. They are an amazing couple, who have been through a lot...and with hard work and faith in their Savior, they went to the Salt Lake temple last week, and we were able to see them sealed together forever. We are SO happy for them!! :)
[As Mormons, we believe that couples and families can be sealed together forever, in temples all around the world. Click here to learn more about temple marriages]
{ Here they are with their 4 sweet kids }
The sealer (man who performs the marriage/sealing) gave wonderful advice to the was all so beautiful, but a few parts really touched me. He said when you pray together, express gratitude to your Heavenly Father for each other. Showing love that way will create an unbreakable bond. And then he reminded them that service is the ultimate form of love. There will be ups and downs in marriage...follow Christ's example: when He was in His lowliest state, he never fought back or sought revenge. Instead He served and loved those around Him. Serve each other and your will grow and joy will constantly increase in your home.
{ The temple grounds are covered in gorgeous flowers, I love it!...bright, colorful tulips are my favorite as of late }
Being able to be at their touching sealing, and then watching the stunning royal wedding the next day, I was reminded how blessed I am to have found my Prince Charming. And speaking of the royal of the sweetest parts was when the Bishop of London spoke...he said "Every wedding is a royal wedding for we are all subjects of the King of Creation." How true that is! My sweet Adam and I have started our fairy tale together. And I'm so grateful that the our sealing makes it possible for us to have our Happily FOREVER After!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I had the pleasure of watching the royal wedding of William and Katherine with my sweet sister-in-law :) Becca recorded it, so we were able to watch, rewind, and watch the best parts again ;) She prepared a delicious lunch for us to enjoy while soaking up all of the royal romance...tomato & olive bruschetta, spinach pasta salad, and chocolate chip stuffed raspberries (a new favorite sweet treat).
*cheers* to pretty much the most lovely couple on the face of the planet.
*cheers* to a beautiful ceremony, I was touched by much of what was said.
*cheers* to a sweet, down to earth girl becoming a PRINCESS.
*cheers* to true love ;)
*cheers* to having an even stronger desire to marry my own prince charming (my sweet Adam) over, & over, & over again.
*cheers* to first kisses as husband and wife.
*cheers* to happily ever after...and beyond :)
Yes, these are iphone photos of the TV...not the best quality, but I wanted to remember those sweet scenes that gave me goosebumps. Goodness, I love weddings :)
Goodness I wish I was in that crowd :)
But at least when I watch The Princess Bride with Adam and the kid(s), I can say I watched, on TV, a real Princess Bride on her wedding day...oh, TWOO WUV ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


My little man has gained quite the taste for peanut butter.
[much like his mama]
He looooooooooooooooves a good ol' PB&J.
Or a PB&B (peanut butter and banana)
And lately he's had to hold it
Goodness, that boy makes me smile.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy HAPPY Easters!!

This Easter was an extra sweet more ways than one:

lots of bunny ears

Mom Kjar's festive table setting

lots of laughs during a delicious Easter dinner

beautiful discussion of why we celebrate Easter

Becca's homemade carrot cake

Little B's first Easter egg hunt! (hopefully next year we won't have to coax him to find just 3 eggs;)

matching little-man suits from Grandma Kjar for the cousins

blossoming trees

egg roll contests (down a huge hill...don't let it crack...Becca won!)

adult easter egg contest with cash and service coupons (can't wait for Mom's homemade bread and a night of babysitting!)

lots of sweet smiles...and lots of Robin Egg whoppers :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I know He lives

Happy Easter everyone!

Today was a beautiful Easter we'll always cherish. And I'm excited to share our festivities tomorrow :)

I'm so grateful for this reminds us of our Savior's love for us. It's a day to celebrate His selfless sacrifice, and the miraculous events following. Today I was reminded numerous times that Christ's Atonement was not only for our sins, but for every physical pain, every loss, every heartbreak...He went through it all, so that we would never have to go through it alone. He is always there for us.

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. He lives. I know He lives.
And because He rose on the third day, I know that death is not the end. No matter what happens to my sweet Adam, me, our beautiful Brooks, or our future children...we will be together forever.

This video is filled with heartfelt testimonies from Christ's Prophet and Apostles today. They're words bring me such peace. As President Monson says, quoting this beautiful hymn,
"How sweet the joy this sentence gives:
I know that my Redeemer Lives."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Italian, Mexican, and jibberish

I T A L I A N:
Thursday night, Adam's sweet sister Mandy was so thoughtful and brought us dinner. (remember our kitchen is still MIA...)
We were able to enjoy a wonderful home-cooked meal of ravioli with grilled chicken, corn and peas, and herbed crusty bread. Thanks again for the DELICIOUS meal Mand!! We sure love you :)
Oh, and she brought us this taaaaaaaasty little tub of mango sorbet...I put two spoons in it for the picture...but let's be honest, I ate the whole thing all by myself. I'm sorry sweetheart! I'll get another one next week, just for you ;)

M E X I C A N:
Then on Friday night, we headed to a quant family-owned Mexican restaurant called Javier's. Our sweet friends have raved about this place...and it was muy delicioso!! And the people who worked there were SO kind! Brooks is always wanting to explore and run around...and as soon as he saw a worker bring out a broom and start sweeping, he was on her heels watching her every move. haha So another worker grabbed a tiny broom she has for her son who sometimes comes in, and let Brooks drag it around and "sweep" the rest of the time we were there. We'll be back for sure :)
And to have a well-rounded meal you've got to have ice cream right???...Adam's choice was good ol' Fat Boy ice cream bars :)

J I B B E R I S H:
Sorry my voice is so loud, but you may have to turn up your volume to hear Brooks :)
I caught this cute little video in the car before we grabbed some Burger King lunches for the painters at the house. I love my little talker!
(He's repeating, "happy" and "daddy" and "dee-duh"...yay for jibberish!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brooks' ONE YEAR photo shoot

Last week we had Brooks' one-year photos taken by the wonderful Heidi of Monkeyface Photography. Remember the other photos she took?? We love her.

It was a fun shoot! Aside from a couple melt downs (which Heidi and her assist were so sweet about) it was perfect :) She got some great shots in her studio, and then we headed to a fabulous park to have a little fun.

Our little man is one. (that's semi-old news, but I still can't believe it) And I'm so glad Heidi captured so many great photos of Brooks at this sweet, fun, personality-filled stage...

*stretch* The photo above makes me smile :)
Brooks LOVES playing peek a boo :)
Pictures above and below are SO Brooks :)
I love my little naked jay bird.
That would be what we call a raisin face...poor little guy. He was obviously feeling a little overwhelmed ;)
Nothing that a good book and sweet ride can't fix :)
Then off to the park! Heidi introduced us to the Castle Park, an wonderful very unique park that's not too far from us! We'll be back for sure :)
Can you see his hair is all frizzy?? Yay for static! :)
Thank you again wonderful Heidi!! I cannot wait to get these printed!
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