Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's been making me terribly happy this week...

1. Sharing a PB&J almost daily with Brooks. Hits the spot every time.
2. The smell of our new fabric softener, Ultra Downy in Orchid Allure, epic :)
3. Enjoying breakfast for dinner last night. YUM.
4. Watching The Mentalist with Adam.
5. Having our cluttered bathroom counter cleaned and organized.
6. Hot bubble baths followed by wrinkly toes, and smooth, exfoliated feet.
7. Getting ready for my family to come this weekend!
8. Watching my belly do tricks...actually it's the babe inside doing the tricks ;)
9. Making Brooks smile when I create snakes and snowmen with his new Play-Doh.
10. Playing with my little naked jaybird today...

{ texted the picture above to Daddy at work }

What's made you terribly happy lately?? :)

Dear Brooks,

You got your first hair cut! On Christmas. I don't think that was the smartest decision...because I was an absolute mess.

I probably told the barber (your sweet Daddy) to be sure to just trim it at least a thousand times. He was so great, especially with your head wiggling around every few minutes. Playing your beloved "Tangled" on Dad's laptop and giving you a sucker (or 3) did help with the wiggle-factor though :) Overall you did awesome! And you look so stinkin' cute.

I on the other hand, was snapping pictures and probably driving Dad crazy when I'd give him pointers...he has cut men's hair for years, and I've never cut hair in my life. I was just so nervous...but why??? Part of me dreaded the thought of this change...seeing your baby curls fall to the ground. I felt like it'd make you grow up instantly. Which is why just minutes before Dad finished, I left the kitchen and went to our room, and cried. (Goodness that's embarrassing to admit). But do you know what?? Right after your Dad cleaned up the mess of freshly trim hair, he put you in the tub...he and you played, and giggled together...watching and listening to you two made my heart happy and reminded me that you're still our little boy. You will grow up, I know. And I'm slowly but surely becoming more and more okay with that. Thanks for being patient with me ;)

Here are some of the photos I got...the one of you & me is the best picture we could get of some sweet kisses pre-trimming, you just couldn't take your eyes off Rapunzel ;)
Hey, you still have some curl! :) Of course with or without curls, I love you sweet boy.

Love forever,

PS - I most definitely saved some of your sweet locks. I couldn't help it :)

Spiritual Health:
Read Moroni 10:32-33, The Book of Enos, Repentance section of For the Strength of Youth, and D&C 20:77, 79.

Physical Health:
More elliptical and pilates at the gym :) And my goal is to stay longer than an hour...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend 2011

Our Christmas weekend was full of:

Caroling with the Kjar family at 2 retirement homes. I love Christmas music...and seeing the smiles on the sweet elderly peoples' faces was magic.
Putting Brooks to bed veeeeery late on Christmas Eve (was it because he was so anxious for his presents the next day, or because his nap schedule that day was all sorts of crazy?)
After placing the presents under the tree, Adam and I snuggled up to a movie and shared a pint of Haagen-Dazs.
Opening presents with Little B!...that took fooooorreevver because he wanted to play with each gift before opening the next ;)
Making a breakfast of french toast from Kneaders cinnamon bread. SO GOOD.
Getting our wiggles out before church. Jumping on the bed with Dad is always a winner.
Enjoying a beautiful church service. Brooks gave Adam and I a little present and slept the whole time in my arms. Loved the messages of celebrating Christ's birth, listened to beautiful musical numbers, and soaked up every minute of my sleeping babe in my arms.
Brooks getting his first hair cut...he did great! Mom did not...more on that later ;)
A lovely Christmas dinner at Mom & Dad Kjars.
(During one of Brooks' melt downs, his Aunt Katie came to the rescue and let him share some of the Christmas ham with her sweet dog Milo. Brooks & Milo both loved it!)
Talking to Danner!! (Adam's brother who's serving a mission for our church in California)
Face-timing with my family :) Can't wait to see them this upcoming weekend!
Going to see a movie Monday afternoon in our PJ's..."We Bought A Zoo" was darling.
Brick oven pizza, games, and dancing at the Kjars. Such a fun night!

And do you know what?? While we were able to enjoy a beautiful weekend with our family...there were certain plans/traditions that fell through and didn't happen, and for whatever reason Brooks was having a really hard couple days. Christmas was wonderful, yet it wasn't quite as I had hoped. Through tears (pregnancy hormones anyone?) I expressed my selfish feelings to Adam Sunday night...he was so sweet and just listened...and by the end of my little crying session I felt such a strong feeling of the Savior's love for me. I told Adam that even though it wasn't a "perfect" Christmas with our normally cheerful boy, all those little things didn't matter. This incredible holiday is dedicated to celebrating Christ and His miraculous birth into the world. I love Him. And I'm so grateful for His example and unconditional love for me. And because of Him and His gospel, our little growing family of 3 (almost 4) can be together forever! I love Christmas and how it reminds our hearts of what's most important!

Spiritual Health:
Loved it, and I'm excited to read it again with Adam tonight :)

Physical Health:
Going to the gym...kind of excited because I haven't done anything really physical over the past four days, yowza.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dear Christmas,

I'm glad your festivities aren't over quite yet :)


This holiday season went by quicker than any I can remember, so knowing that Adam has the day off and we have fun plans with family this afternoon (going to see a matinee) and tonight (games & Christmas dinner leftovers) makes me happy!

This weekend was a wonderful, relaxing, tender one for our little family! Even though the sweet little boy in the picture above may have been a bit Grinch-y at times ;) I'm excited to share the rest of our Christmas happenings, but for now I'm off to be with my boys :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

May your days be Merry and Bright!

{ front of our Christmas card we sent out this year }

Wishing you the happiest of holidays, the sweetest Christmas (in just 2 days!), and the brightest New Year!

Adam, Haley, Brooks, and Baby

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Christmas-filled home

Lots of red and green
Candles and cards
Paper Snowflakes
Festive sweets
Our tree all decorated
Kisses for the baby Jesus in his manger

You can be sure that all of our Christmas goodness will stay up 'til my birthday at the end of just makes my heart too happy to take it down any earlier :)

** Disclaimer: I wish I could say I made the caramel-chocolate apples...but they were sweet gifts from my friend Penny who made them! :) And just in case some are wondering, I got the idea for the cupcakes on Pinterest here, too cute to pass up!

Spiritual Health:
I finished my reading of the Book of Mormon yesterday! Can't wait to share my thoughts on reading it this time around :) Today I watched this wonderful video:
It's short and incredibly moving :)

Physical Health:
Doing some pilates that my sweet cousin in-law did with me last night after a family christmas party. Thanks Ali! My legs are going to be burnin' :)
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