Thursday, August 30, 2012

Overcast Coastline

"Be sure to pack your swim shorts and a sweater for when we go to the coast. :)"

I texted that to Adam the day before he flew out to Washington. That's how we Northwestern peeps do the beach. The Oregon Coastline is stunning and rugged. Especially on an overcast day, it is breathtaking. 

The last weekend of our vacation with the Stum family we went to the Oregon Coast. Hug Point was our destination...and it made for such a fantastic day. In cozy sweaters, we walked barefoot on the powdery sand and then jumped over the cold, saltwater waves. The kid-cousins, Nat, Duane, Corrie, and Celeste even went for a couple polar dips! That's when Corrie's stellar, fire-making skills came in handy...yep, she built that fire without matches. Bam. :)  We cozied up to the warmth of the fire, and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. Brooks ate about 3 Hershey bars in chocolate, and sported 3 different hoodies throughout the day, as each got wet from the water being too irresistible. He had a blast! And Ava was happy as a clam, being held and loved on constantly. The questionable weather (first day out of the week the forecast called for rain, and rain it did) made some unsure about the day-trip...but I'm so glad we went.  So, so glad.

 Oh, and there was even a wedding on the beach just north of us! It was fun watching the wedding guests walk past us to the special spot...and of the course the gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids holding her full, white dress as they walked up the shoreline. I get butterflies just thinking about it. I'd marry my sweet Adam over and over again if I could. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Sunny Day in Seattle

During our trip to Washington we took a small road trip up north to Seattle to visit my brother Steve and his partner Jason.  It was so great meeting Jason, who I have heard much about, and he is such a great guy! :)  My Mom, Celeste, Brooks, Aves, and I drove up Tuesday night and met up with my Dad and Corrie who had just spent a few days backpacking together in Northern Washington.  We stayed in an adorable condo that had a view of the city, Space Needle and all. Sadly Dad had to leave early for a business trip, but the rest of us woke up and made blueberry pancakes, which we enjoyed with the most delicious pastries Steve and Jason brought from Macrina Bakery. Brooks and Jason watched the cars from the balcony (Brooks was in heaven) and we got lots of smiles from Ava in Uncle Steve's arms. We packed up and headed out for our day in the city. First walking through the incredible Olympic Sculpture Park, then the Public Market for lunch. Oh the clam chowder hit the spot. Brooks was not a fan of the fish guy ;) but absolutely loved the street musicians, he's got rhythm in his bones. And I'm now regretting not buying a bouquet of those fresh flowers. :) After a non-stop morning and afternoon, our little Brooks was more than ready to catch some zzz's...he fell asleep on the way to Steve and Jason's and continued his nap while we looked around their house/gallery. Steve and Jason are both incredible artists and their place is dripping with creativity! It was awesome seeing their work and talking to them about it all.  We ended the gorgeous day with a picnic at the park. Thanks so much Steve and Jason for such a fun day! 

Can't wait to go back! Next time, with Adam. :)

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