Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries Vol. IV: Adventure

Dear Ava,

"To live would be an awfully big adventure." -- J.M. Barrie

You should read that in an English accent, because that brilliant author is English and I think it sounds more beautiful that way. ;) Aves, I love that quote, it's simple but powerful. I interpret it as saying that truly living and appreciating each day and each experience makes for an adventurous life!

Your adventures and life experiences do not have to be perfect or go just as planned to be wonderful. Sometimes the ones that have uncomfortable bumps or unexpected left turns are the ones we treasure and never want to forget! They shape and mold us. I'd say being a mother has been one of those adventures for me. You and Brooks are my greatest adventures yet, and I know your Dad agrees. We've felt a rainbow of emotions because each of you have stolen our hearts--the highest of highs, moments of pure peace, and lows that are hard to describe. But you are allowing us to live life more richly! And loving you gives your Dad and I a taste of how much our Heavenly Parents love us. Being able to experience and see life through your ever-learning eyes has been such a gift.  

You have turned mundane moments into pure magic. I can only hope that you continue to soak up and appreciate life's little and big adventures...

Dance in the kitchen--it's our favorite dance floor. ;)

Pick funky ice-cream flavors.

Be brave and be kind to those whom others are not. And introduce yourself to the "new kid" at school.

Go on trips and talk to strangers along the way.

Never take a sunset for granted. Or cool sheets in the summer time. A warm house in the winter time. Or true friends that will always have your back.

Be weird. I promise, everyone else is too. :)

After you find your other half and get married, keep dating him.

Rock your babies to sleep.

Soak up nature! On short walks take your shoes off to feel the grass on your feet. And on multi-day backpacking trips take time to be still and pray to God out loud in His creations.

Laugh when you feel like it, and even when you don't.

Cry when you're sad, and when you're happy.

Write down spiritual experiences you have.

Add as many stamps to your passport as possible.

If you get to visit Niagra Falls and you take the 'Maid of the Mist' tour, stick your tongue out when you're getting sprayed by the water's mist. It's kind of gross, but kind of awesome. Trust me. ;)

Forgive. Yourself and others. It can be insanely hard, but is insanely liberating too.

And wear your babies Ava. Being able to wear you in our slings, at home or on our travels, has made for some of my most treasured motherhood moments.

I love you. And I love our adventures together.


PS - These photos are from last night's adventures into the city--the Salt Lake City Capitol sure is gorgeous! Loved wearing you for a bit, and I'm grateful Dad took the photos he did. I treasure them. :) It was such a lovely spring evening with you guys, my favorites.

*** In all of these photos I am wearing Ava in our Simple Silk Sakura Bloom sling, in Bittersweet.


Marsha said...

Such wise, wise counsel! I love you so! Your children and their children are so blessed by your mothering!!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Audrey said...

This series of posts is so beautiful! I look forward to wearing my little one and sharing some unique perspectives with them, I am currently expecting my first child. You are a wonderful mother and I love your advice to your children, I think it not only offers them valuable advice but glimpses into the person their mother is and her many wonderful facets. I continue to enjoy reading your blog.

Zaneta said...

Beautiful pictures :)

Andrea said...

I love the look of your sling. I was surprised and excited last night to discover I'm expecting number four! And now all my brain can think is baby baby baby.
I had a Baby Bjorn carrier for my first three but used it as rarely as possible as I found it uncomfortable for my back. Have you ever had any back soreness or discomfort from the Sakura Bloom sling? Have you ever tried other varieties such as Solly Baby wraps?

amy amy said...

so cute! Thanks sharing this article

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