Wednesday, April 15, 2009

our friend Shauna :)

This is our friend Shauna:
She's as sweet, no wait, SWEETER than the gimungous icecream cone in the picture :)
(Her favorite ice-cream flavor in the world in the
one in the middle...classic chocolate)
I (Haley) have known Shauna since I was of the ripe old age of 3...and we were good friends growing up :) When we decided to be roommates our freshman year at BYU-Idaho lots of people said things like,

“Are you sure you want to room with a friend??”
“I hear friends become enemies after living with each other...especially girls.”

Isn't that SAD?!?! Those thoughts never crossed my mind when thinking about us rooming together...and when people mentioned them, those silly assumptions quickly left my thoughts because I knew what an amazing, sweet, fun, genuine, caring person she was. I considered myself extremely lucky. But after living with her for 2 years at college...I'd say I was blessed.
I'm a better person because of Shauna. Almost all of my favorite memories at college involved her (we're talking 99.99% folks)!! Shauna is like a sister to me...I can tell her about anything, and I know she'll listen (she's one of the best listeners I know)...I can ask for advice...I can trust that any visit (in person or on the phone) will begin & end with laughter...she was always so patient with my [cluttered] side of the room, while her organizational skills are amazing (man, I wish they rubbed off on me a little more;) & her side was also neat & tidy...she constantly has a smile on...and I know that Shauna will always put others first. I want to be like her when I grow up. I love her so much!!!! AND......... I'm SO happy she'll be getting married in the Portland temple this weekend...
April 18th, 2009 she'll be sealed to
her forever sweetheart, Steve Amondson.
He's a great guy...I know he'll treat her like a queen...those two are perfect together :) And Adam & I are going to celebrate with them in Vancouver!! We can't wait to see them start they're life together! (And I'm SOOOOO excited to talk with her about being a newly wed! I've talked with her a ton already...telling her exciting news, silly stories, and to just talk about girl stuff ;) But now we can REALLY talk and share and understand so much more, wahoo!)
Here are a few of the millions & trillions of photos (okay, not that many...but we've captured a lot of great moments together) of our sweet memories!
And then there are some photos of Shauna & Steve, her fiance...can I just say they are going to have some dang cute children!!!

Fall '06 - Hanging out in our dorm room =)
There's only 1 word for that couple...REDICULOUSLYGOODLOOKING!!!
Summer '07 - We were just monkeyin' around at the Bellingham Tulip Festival

End of Summer '07 - The oregon beach trip EVER!

Fall '07 - After the Guitars Unplugged concert!! Rock on! ;)

oops, out of order!...Summer '08 - The John Mayer concert in Vancouver...(we have a secret crush on him, but our sweethearts are cool with it;)

Fall '07 - We were lucky enough to be in an awesome, very spirited, student ward! This was right before the Spirit Relay

Spring '08 - She was there on my special meant the world to me that she came!!

Spring '08 This was during our reception...during this extra special dance, he said "I love you" for the first time :)

Fall '08 Here are the two lovebirds...GO SEAHAWKS!!

Fall '08 - What a great team...nice pumpkin shoon & steve!

Fall '08 - This was one of their engagement pics...b-e-a-utiful! And like I said, they're going to make some good looking children!!! heehee:)

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Jenni M. said...

Where can I get an Ice Cream cone like that? Have fun seeing her this weekend!

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