Sunday, March 28, 2010

We'd like you to meet...

Our sweet boy
* Brooks Adam Kjar *
Isn't he just the sweetest thing you've ever laid eyes on??
(I'm a little biased ;)
We were most definitely surprised (remember, we waited to find out the sex)...we had our little BOY on March 14th, 2010.
That was just two weeks ago...yet it seems like he's been apart of our family a whole lot longer :)
Oh, and he came on his due date!! The timing couldn't have been more mom was here (and ready for whenever I went into labor) AND my dad & sister & brother were here for the weekend hiking a mountain. I remember joking around on Sunday, talking to my baby-belly, saying that he or she should come that day so that Dad & Corrie & Ryan could meet the little peanut. He is a good listener, and so obedient!! haha

Labor/Deliver Story Ahead!!!
(just wanted to give you a heads can skip straight to the good stuff (the pictures) if you want :)
Sunday, March 14th
8:00am - Up and getting ready for church :)
9:00am - About to head out the door for church's really 10:00am
(Day light savings...whoops!)
11:00am - Go to last hour of church for Relief Society
11:40am - Feeling tiny "cramps" low in my stomach...but enjoyed a great lesson :)
12:45pm - Making lasagna with my mom & sister! mmmmm...
1:30pm - "Cramps" coming in little, constant spurts...
2:30pm - Enjoying dinner with my family..."cramps" become a bit more uncomfortable
4:00pm - Soaking in tub (in bathing suit) while mom lays on my bed and reads to me :)
(we're timing the "cramps" by now...okay, we think they may be contractions)
5:oopm - Contractions are lasting about 30 seconds & I liked walking around to get through them...they were not very intense and were 5-6 minutes apart
6:00pm - Dad looks on internet for false labor signs...mine match up. *sigh*
7:00pm - Contractions get up to about 40-45 seconds long...and a bit more intense. (I'm thinking...these aren't this really happening??)
7:30pm - Talked on the phone w/ sister, Natalie (mother of 6), who says, "Go to the hospital! Especially if you want that epidural girl..." :)
8:00pm - Amazing friend and neighbor, Penny, brings over her exercise ball...if any of you have used it during labor you know what I mean when I say that it felt goooooooooood :)
8:15pm - Called my doctor...he says wait 30 minutes...then see how I feel.
8:20pm - Adam and my dad gave me a blessing...oh how I needed it :)
8:30pm - "Okay people, let's go, Go, GO!" haha I decided let's go to the hospital and hopefully I won't be sent home for false labor.
8:40pm - Adam & I hit the road for the hospital
8:50pm - Arrived at hospital (had 3 hard, stop-you-in-your-tracks, contractions on our way in the building)
8:55pm - Peed in a cup (oh hospital protocol is grand isn't it?)
Then, the nurse checks me...we're hoping she says I'm at least a 3 (cm)
"Uh, you're dialated 7 to 8 centimeters..."
9:00pm - Guy with drugs & big needle comes in (after my request which was before I found out I was almost at an 8) to give me the good stuff...
*more contractions...really intense...about 2 minutes apart*
9:05pm - "Would you like the epidural??" says the nurse.
"uh, uh, uh....I don't know...will the baby come before I'm even numb??"
"It'll take about 10 minutes after I give it to you..."
"No, no...I can do this..." I say.
(I have no clue what got into me...)
9:09pm - Nurse checks me again..."You're complete! And you're water's bulging."
Yowza. This is happening!
(I wouldn't have been able to get the epidural...but I'm grateful I changed/made up my mind not to use it...I think it, and the Spirit, gave me extra strength :)
9:11pm - "Whoa, I have to push! Do I push??"
"Don't push! Don't push! The doctor's not here yet!" said the nurses.
Sorry people, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
9:12pm - Push #1...
9:14pm - Push #2..."He has hair!" says a nurse.
9:15pm - Push #3...And my doctor arrives!!!! *whew* :)
9:17pm - Push #4..."Hold on, hold on!" says my doctor as he's putting on his gloves & smock.
I. Don't. Think. So. Mister.
9:19pm - Push #5...Doc says, "Adam come look!!...we have a head!...and here we go!"
Then, my sweet Adam announces,
"It's a boy! It's a boy!! We have a little boy!"
He was perfect. He was healthy.
It's still like a dream...the best dream :)
I was so blessed to have such a smooth labor and delivery...I thank my Heavenly Father for it in just about every prayer. He was most definitely watching over me & Brooks.

Here are a few of the millions (you think I'm exaggerating...I wish I were...haha) of photos we have capturing the first week or so of Brooks' life :)

* We're all smiles in the delivery room excited to meet our baby!...just minutes before our son was born *

* 7 lbs 10 oz...(they round up)...they weigh him right in the room, and they asked me to guess...I said 7 lbs 9 oz, so close! :) And he was 21 inches long *

* First family photo...look at those handsome boys! *

* Some of the Kjar family came! :) *

* Aunt glad you were there sis!! *

* Grandma Stum (mom) with Daddy-o and it *

* Love Grandpa Stum's smile! Proud of his newest grandson! *

* He pulls off the hospital garb real well! *

* I love my hubby! We make quite the team :) *

* The hospital provided a candle-light dinner :) or should I say candleless. haha *

* Proud and happy mama *

* So precious... *

* Brooks looking up at his those boys *

* We had a great experience at Davis Hospital :) but we were excited to say ADIOS and head home! *

* First night home with our little bundle of joy...We. Are. Happy. *

Adam headed out the morning after we got home to cheer on his brother, Ben, at the NCAA wrestling championships in Nebraska...he and his family drove out there and had a great time soaking up the intense wrestling atmosphere. We missed him SO much!! But we knew he was there supporting Ben, cheering extra loud for Brooks and me (wish we could've been there too:)
And my mom was here (oh my, what an angel) to help me adjust to motherhood...we had a fabulous time together!
I love you Mom, with all my heart.

She helped me give him his first bath at home...
* Didn't like it so much...but we're both getting better...he doesn't cry any more! *

My ward brought a couple dinners for us...which lasted a few days :)
But my Mom made amazing breakfasts and prepped every meal...
...90% of the time she'd spoon-feed me while I nursed little Brooks...
My Mom is amazing.
* enjoying dinner together :) *

She rocked & snuggled him while I took showers...
showers have never felt so good :)

She did laundry and cleaned the kitchen while I took naps with my little guy...I wouldn't nap as much as she'd like ;) It was just hard to close my eyes when I wanted watch my sweet Brooks, I love my son :)
And she joined me in my obsession with capturing Brooks at every angle with our cameras...
enjoy the pictures!
* He smiles...a lot :) I can't wait for him to smile at us *

* We call this the "tooth paste tube"...heehee *

* yawn *

* Look at that belly! *

* we love hoodie-towels :) *

* my little angel boy *

* I love his mohawk! *
...but he did not...

* He looks like a roasted marshmallow...mmmmm....but he's much sweeter! *

* Diaper change --> now a photoshoot *

Daddy came home!!!!!!
* Together...and it feels SO good *

* Daddy loves his little boy *

* sweet kisses *

Mom went down to Provo and brought Grandma Smith up to see Brooks!
She stayed for 2 nights...lucky us! :)
* He's wrapped up in the blanket she gave him...SO soft *

Brooks loved having Grandma (Mom) here :)
Look at that grin!
She left last Thursday...and we miss her...but we're SO glad she'll be back this weekend!
I'll treasure the time we had as mother & daughter...caring for Brooks, and soaking up time together.

And since it's been just the 3 of us,
we've never been happier :)
This blanket says it all,
especially our Brooks


Courtney Bready said...

Haley! Your little family is so beautiful!! I am so happy for you (and definitely a little bit jealous... feeling the baby hunger right now) I hope I can meet baby Brooks sometime soon cuz I miss his mama!!

Jennifer Kartchner said...

Im so excited for you! your little boy is so adorable! I'm so glad to hear everything went perfect with your delivery! you are so blessed! and I know your going to be an amazing mother to little brooks!! I would love to come up and meet him sometime!! lots of luv! Jenn

Adam and Jamie said...

Congratulations you guys! I am so impressed you were able to do it without an epidural. Your little guy is so cute!!!

Stephanie Salmon said...

Congratulations Haley! Sounds like it's a darn good thing you got to the hospital when you did. The labor story was fun for me to read since I'm gonna be there in just a matter of weeks. :)

Shay said...

You made me cry...not happy about that since im not wearing waterproof mascara! haha (but not really haha cause im still I am so incredibly happy for you and so glad to have you as a friend. I LOVE you girlie and I already love your little guy too!

Browers said...

Haley! Congratulations!!!! That little boy is darling. You have such a cute little family. I am so happy for you and Adam. Isn't it amazing how much love you feel for this baby! The best feeling in the world. I can't wait to meet him!!:)

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

haley, he is perfect. I love all the pics. I am CRAVING a newborn. Keep posting Brooks pics as much as you can.

Corrie said...

Wow, I loved reliving your adventure of labor/delivery with a few more details! Such an exciting weekend! I feel so blessed to have been in town... really, the Lord really does have His own timing. :)
And, I have decided that little brooks is just like his mama and papa in that he is SO photogenic!!!! Not many new borns are... lol ;)
Well, I can't wait to see you this weekend. xoxoxox :)

Marsha said...

It's wonderful to relive this incredible experience through your blog! You captured the essence, but no words can completely express the joy that was being experienced in your sweet household. Your sweet Brooks was so happy to finally be home in your arms, and what a joyous and loving Daddy he has! And how can I describe how perfectly suited to motherhood you are...your countenance shines with joy and your celebration of every moment is evidence of it. I was blessed to witness all of this....we all will be blessed by this sweet little Brooks! Love, Mom

Adam and Hilary said...

CONGRATS! Brooks is a cute baby boy! I can't wait to meet him at the reunion. Congrats again, that is way exciting! Love ya ~Hil

Laura Essig said...

YAY!!! finally! I love him... ok I have a confession.. I skipped the labor part...I don't even remember that stuff anymore!

He is seriously sooo darling.. Ijsut can't wait to meet him.. do you think he'll like me???

Randi said...

Haley congratulations on Brooks! he is gorgious!so perfict! you are a beutiful mother! isnt being a mom so amazing! i cant wait to see you in july!

Katie said...

you get to do this all over again--praise god :)

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