Wednesday, May 26, 2010

* 2 years *

Two years ago (from Monday)
Adam and I were married here:

It was a glorious day.
We were sealed together, forever.
We made promises that we'd love & serve each other, and that we'd strive to put Christ at the center of our marriage & family.
We've worked hard at keeping our marriage strong, united, passionate, forgiving, happy...and the outcome has been better than I ever imagined.

Adam & I have grown closer together...truly becoming one.
We are different in many ways, but we compliment each other :)
Concerning the important things:
we are oh-so similar.

The last two years have been the best of our far. And you know what? We're going to make the next two even better!!
I love you Adam...and thank you for loving me back.
You make me completely happy!
And happily complete :)


Marsha said...

what a blessing to all of us your eternal marriage has been. What a delightful duet you are...and now a terrific trio! Your joy will only increase! We love you so!!! Forever, Mom

Shay said...

I am so happy I got to be with you on that day:-) Love you guys! Happy eternities!

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