Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day + iBaby

Happy 1st Father's Day Adam!!
We started the morning w/ breakfast in bed :)
Then came the gooooooood stuff...Adam is quite the Mac/Apple fan, and he has been stoked (to put it lightly) about the new iPhone4 that's coming out tomorrow. (he's the cutest iNerd;) His, and my, favorite feature is that there is VIDEO CALLING, that they call "face time", how fantastic is that?? We talked about getting us both one...but they're pretty spendy :( So it was a no-go for a while...and whenever Adam brought it up I'd remind him about the $$$ factor...when really I was just counting down the days 'til Father's day so I could do this:
...surprise him with his own little iBaby to hold him over 'til Thursday when he could get his new iPhone!!
Both my boys were quite the happy campers!!!! :D
(And we're excited for our camping adventure tomorrow as we wait in line at the Apple Store in Salt Lake, lawn chairs & sack lunches in-tow...wish us luck!)

We then got dressed and headed out to church
...but 1st, a little self-timer family portrait :)
Then we came home and enjoyed a sweet Sunday afternoon together...followed by a much needed nap, for all 3 of us ;)
* He stands so tall with those strong legs! *

Adam is meant to be a father...
He's absolutely adorable with Brooks...watching them together takes my breath away. I'm so grateful for a husband who is an amazing help-meet to me as a mother, and who truly holds his role as a father close to his heart.

We love you sweetheart/Daddy!!

Haley & Brooks


Shay said...

Your posts always make me cry. Im such a weenie. I just cant help but remember back when you were 14 and we were giggling about our crushes. Now your a mom and such a good one- I can tell. I love you girl and im so happy for you!

Jenni M. said...

Oh my goodness! I just love the picture of Adam and Brooks together in bed. So friggin cute!

Robin Rood said...

It looks like you guys had a pretty fantastic day! Brooks is getting to be so big!

Unknown said...

What a great Wife and Mom you are :) You have two very lucky boys. And how exciting it was Adam's first Father's day! Hey no fair, he got an ibaby! Haha...perfect present for Adam ;)

Adam and Jamie said...

Your little Brooks is such a SMILY little guy! Very cute. Happy first father's day!



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