Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elf + baked goods = new tradition

Okay, so I technically didn't BAKE the goods that we'll be delivering to family & friends...I jazzed up some ginger snaps with white chocolate, and pretzels with milk chocolate. Next year the goods will be baked in the kitchen of yours truly, I promise.

But while I was creating our holiday plate of goodies, Adam and I watched Elf.
That movie never, ever, gets old. You want to know why I love Elf so much?
Because it brings out the inner kid in me. It makes me want to
ride the escalator all the way to the top in the splits,
congratulate random little shops that make the best of anything (coffee in Buddy's case),
eat spaghetti for breakfast (minus the candy & maple syrup),
hang up paper snowflakes all over your house,
not be afraid to be myself,
being so optimistic I ooze with cheeriness,
and still believe in Santa.

{White chocolate-dipped ginger snaps & "SANTA'S COMING!!!!"}

"Drizzling milk chocolate on the pretzels and "Baby it's coooooold ooouttt siiiiidde!"}

{Sweet & salty pretzels and "You missed...smooch!"}

{following suit of Buddy & Jovie}

{cookies, pretzels, and clementines...a tradition at my house growing up was covering pretzels with chocolate and sticking cloves in oranges [a natural air freshner] as our Christmas plate of goodies for friends & neighbors}

We'll be taking the Christmas batch to Adam's co-workers today, and then a New Year's batch to friends and neighbors next week :)

PS - You may have noticed, but the photos caught a few of my favorite scenes from Elf :)
What are your favorite scenes or quotes??


Anonymous said...

i LOVE that the photos were perfectly time to hilarious moments from elf. pure awesomeness. and seriously, everything in here looks amazing. especially those chocolate dipped little slices of delight!

i'm kind of concerned with myself that i haven't followed your blog yet. may need to get my head checked. love it!

Dave & Monica said...

I LOVE ELF! Its my favorite!!!
Some of the funniest quotes:

"First we'll make snow angels for a two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle. "

"Watch out the yellow ones dont stop!"

"I think you're really beautiful and I feel really warm when I'm around you and my tongue swells up.
So... do you wanna eat food?"

And by far the best image that makes me laugh just thinking about it is on the escalator and his uncomfortable face :) hahahaha

PS I am so impressed with how amazing you are at updating your blog lately! Keep it up this will be such an amazing journal one day!! I hope I can start being like you soon.......

Nicole Marie said...

love ELF!! everyone is making the chocolate covered pretzels this year. think i need to get on that train!

kylie said...

i just looked at all your latest blog posts (i've been MIA) and you are WAY TOO GORGEOUS for your own good! like seriously... stunningly gorgeous. i can't get over it. every. single. picture.

and your baby? perfection.
i love your happiness.
you radiate!
looks like mexico was AWESOME!
merry christmas

Shay said...

My favorite is "SANTA! I KNOW HIM!" ha, I LOVE that movie. Merry Christmas friend!

Brooke T said...

oh my goodness you guys are so cute! I love that you have a new tradition and I really love Brooks's batman outfit!

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