Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thursday

I grew up with a radio station called Rosey 105...and their morning show had "Random Thursdays." I randomly thought about it yesterday, and thought I'd share some random thoughts here.

First, I have a disclaimer for a past post...
Modern Family is my absolute favorite show.
And I'm an ashamed fan...How did I forget to put in on my list?? If you watched last night's [hilarious] episode you'll know what I mean when I say,

"Oh she just bit me, it's like Twilight back here!"
which was later followed by,
"So now I have a daughter that bites, and partner that stings."
and you can't forget,
"Oasis for *spritz* men??"

That show keeps my funny bone healthy & strong.

Next thought,
I'm slightly obessed with all things sweet & SALTY.
And a new favorite of mine, and Adam, is dipping pretzels in Nutella...a heavenly snack! try it :)
{plus little B is in the picture...doesn't get much sweeter than that}

And here are few more of my favorite sweet & salty delights:

These are actually cashew toffee (how good does that sound?) but I can't get enough of my Grandma's peanut peanut brittle...

These may seem revolting to some, but trust me, you'll fall in love:

And lastly, I'd like to share this a.w.e.s.o.m.e.l.y creative music video by Lenka :) After watching it I thought, "so true!" I saw the video on this fabulous lady's blog a few days ago...ENJOY!

PS - Happy Friday EVE :)


Brooke T said...

I need to try the pretzels and nutella and oh my gosh I need fries and a frosty right now! I haven't had one of those in so long! Yummy Post!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Modern Family. It makes me laugh, and makes me feel good after it ends. :)

Frosty & Fries is my absolute favorite husband makes so much fun of me. Glad to see I'm in good company!

Sunshine Promises said...

I ADORE Modern Family, too. Last night cracked me up. The whole "biting" bit (pun intended) was hilarious! I could watch that show every day. So funny.

lindsay said...

oh i love sweet and salty thing ever!

and this video is fabulous. thank you so much for posting this...i have been wanting to make a shout out video and this gave me tons and tons of ideas :) thank you for the inspiration!!


Anonymous said...

Modern Family is one of my favorites too but I missed last night's so I purposely only read the first four lines of this post. I'll come back to it after I watch the episode online :)

PS. Have you seen Parenthood? Soooo good. Funny, awkward, but mostly soooo real. I love it.

Emily Carter said...

Actually, the Linky Party will start on the 13th. If you're going to be gone you can always email me your link ahead of time and I can link it up for you!
Have fun on your trip, I'm off to pick up some Nutella!

Courtney Bready said...

Modern Family. SO GREAT! The quotes you shared had me laughing in my chair at work! Last night's episode was one of the best yet.

AND I have had potato chips dipped in chocolate... AWESOME!

On another note, I still REALLY want to see you SOON! Maybe over the break when I don't have school and I have a couple days off work?

Angela Brian said...

haha. i love the modern family quotes! seriously the greatest show ever.

oh and fries and frosty... amazing!

Unknown said...

chocolate dipped potato chips are awesome!

i'm glad i'm not the only one who loves them..

cheers to salty and sweet!

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