Friday, March 11, 2011

Stuffed French Toast...oui!

Last night we had my sister & her friend stay with I wanted to be sure to have an extra scrumdidiliumptious (yes, I did just write that) breakfast this morning. Stuffed French Toast popped into my head...I've never made any, but I thought I'd go ahead and try it! I didn't even use a recipe and they turned out fabulous. Yeessssss!...that does not happen very often folks.

Here's what I used to make 4 servings of DELICIOUS stuffed french toast:
- 8 bread slices -
- 8 oz. softened cream cheese -
- 1/3 to 1/2 C. powdered sugar -
- sliced strawberries (or bananas, blueberries, etc.) -
- jam (we used apricot) -
- 5 eggs -
- 3 T. cinnamon sugar -
- 2 t. vanilla -

Here's how I made them:

1 - Mix softened cream cheese with powdered sugar
2 - Slice strawberries...toss with a bit of sugar :)

3 - Beat eggs with cinnamon sugar and vanilla in a big bowl/container (so the mixture is shallow)
4 - Spread cream cheese mixture over all 8 pieces of bread (Dave's Killer Bread is nutty, and hearty, and delicious...I get mine at Costco)
5 - Put sliced fruit and/or jam on 4 of the pieces of bread
6 - Using a spatula (with holes/slits) set a piece of bread in the egg mixture and let the one side soak for 5-10 seconds (longer the more dense your bread is).
7 - Place on warm griddle, and quickly soak another piece (for the other side) in egg mixture then place on top.
8 - Let cook until light golden brown on each side (being careful when flipping)
Bon appetite!
I loved mine just off the griddle, and Corrie & Nate enjoyed theirs with a little maple syrup.

Nate said, "This reminds me of the french toast over at Rays."
"Is that a restaurant??" I asked.

How cool is that!? Something I whipped up tastes like something others would pay for!
Big compliment in my book :)

I'm linking up to Whipperberry to share this fun breakfast :)
Go here and check out other fabulous recipes, decor ideas, crafts, and amazing event planning!


madison kate said...

yum yum! you just made me really really hungry. c:

charminglychesney said...

this looks and sounds delicious! I cant wait to try it!

Brooke T said...

THANK YOU for this. My favorite and I don't even know how to make it :) haha

Caitlin Alexander said...

Oh man, that sounds delicious. Mmmm!!

Sherri said...

Omigosh these look SO GOOD!!! Wow, I gonna totally make them this weekend.Sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

Also, I'm excited to go check out your sister n law's blog. Honestly, I have wondered about them often(weird, right?!)as their story touched me so much, when you first blogged about it...

I made you some earrings:) I had so much fun with them, & am now totally obsessed with making them & wanted to make you some to say thanks for taking me into the DIY craft! When you have a chance send me your mailing address & i'll get those in the mail to

Yay! For a walking Brooks!! SO so sweet:)

Eva Marie said...

Ok how great does this look!!
This would be the ultimate breakfast in bed

Emily Carter said...

Well, with those ingredients how could you go wrong?!! Great job!

Merilee said...

Yummy this does look delicious!

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