Tuesday, April 19, 2011

August 19th, 2011

That is going to be a VERY good day.

Do you want to know why??

That's the day my sweet sister...my other [girl] half...is getting married!!!

Do you remember back in January when I wrote a post about how Corrie was called to serve a mission in Brazil? Well, a week before getting her call in the mail, she was introduced to this guy...Nate Doty. "This guy" quickly became "the guy"...
the guy who Corrie wanted to learn more and more about,
the guy who made her want to be a better person,
the guy who she had wonderful discussions with of life and the Gospel,
the guy who made her truly laugh,
the guy who shared a hobby of loving the great outdoors,
the guy who had a great family (and who was so welcoming to Corrie:),
the guy who fit right into the Stum-bunch :),
the guy who had her thinking twice about serving a mission now, and instead serving multiple missions down the road WITH HIM,
the guy who she fell in love with,
and the guy who loves every bit of her and treats her like the BEAUTIFUL woman she is, inside and out.

Can you kind of tell I really like this guy? ;) Every since first meeting Nate (remember that?) I was impressed...I saw how much he truly cares for her :)

Corrie is so in love and sees such a lovely future, such a bright forever, with Nate...and it makes me HAPPY beyond words. My family is precious to me...and my sister Corrie is one of the best women I know. She's almost 2 years younger than me, but I look up to her. She's ever-forgiving, has a wonderful sense of humor, has such a passion for being active, she loves (truly loves) the outdoors, she is so tenderhearted, she makes everyone she meets feel appreciated and genuinely cared about, she's an amazing sister, and she's going to make a FANTASTIC wife!!!!!!!

Yay for marriage!!!!
Yay for sisters finding their other half!!!!
They really are made for each other :)
Love you Corrie and Nate!


Penny said...

Oh, that is sooooo great! I'm so happy for her! That will be a mission in and of it's own! :) love it!

christine donee said...

Congratulations to them :)

Hilary said...

Yeah for Corrie and Nate! ! ! I'm glad I got to meet him, he's such a great guy ! I'm so happy for them! Thanks for sharing the fantastic news!

Lauren Byers said...

aww I'm so happy for her!! They are a cute couple! :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

YAY for the LOVE BIRDS! This is such a sweet and inspiring post...I love reading about their growing LOVE for each other, but more so I love your kind words and the LOVE you have for your dear sister.

I don't have any siblings, but if I did, I would wish for a kind-hearted, loving, sweet, and special sister. JUST LIKE YOU!

Eva Marie said...

Love birds are so sweet! Thanks girl for you super kind words on my blog.. i needed them! This process is hard for me.. and harder because I have Liv I think..
Sorry for the MIA (busy trying to clear house) went on the market today.. Yeah for new beginnings :)
(my wedding anniversary is Aug 21 )

thatjordangirl said...

How sweet! Very big congrats to your sister they are a lovely couple!

Unknown said...

AHHHHH Corrie!!!!! I have so much to say but don't even know where to begin!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I can't wait to meet the boy who snatched you up :)

Marsha said...

Out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses....I can vouch for all Haley has said about Nate. We all love him and are so happy for the two of them. I must say, Haley, you captured the essence of this courtship very well. We're so happy to welcome Nate to our family.

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