Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a little note from Brooks to Samson

Hey Samson!
It was your 1st birthday last week!!! Happy birthday cousin :) We're both ONE now...we're getting OLD! At least you'd think so by how much my mom tells me to stop growing up so fast.
Well, my mom took a bunch of pictures on her phone from your party and I thought you'd like to see them :)
Thanks for letting me play with your toys! :)
My mom said she LOVED this decor/game your mom did. She hung a garland strung with photos of you :) One from each month of your first year...they weren't in order though, so the guests had to guess and list them in the right order. My mom and dad said that was fun, and kinda tricky! :)
Then came THE CAKE(s). My mom says your mom rocks at baking. And it's true!! She let me have some of the chocolate cake...YUMM-Y!
All the people who could talk sang Happy Birthday (not me yet, but I promise I was thinking it) to you!!! and we all clapped :) You weren't into the whole getting-messy-and-shoving-cake-into-your-mouth thing...instead you wiped the cake on your mom. heehee (I do that alllllllllllllllllllll the time with my food;)
Again, Happy Birthday cousin!!! I love you!

The next day...
our moms decided to have a double play-date. You and me played together and they played together...or I guess they did more laughing and talking about mommy things like summer plans, and pediatricians, and my aunt's wedding, and other girly stuff :)
Remember that dog we were staring at and couldn't take our eyes off of??...I think we may have made it difficult for our mom's to get a good picture of us ;)
My mom says we are both SUPER CUTE and SUPER SWEET...even sweeter than the icecream she brought for all of us to share :)
You liked the lemon, not so much. Check out my sour face! hahaha!
Then our moms took about a million and one photos of us...but we're used to it, right? ;)
You and I had had about enough..."No more pictures PUH-LEASE!" But your mom snuck in and gave you some kisses...and my mom did too. Then we got all smiley again :)
Welp Samson, you are awesome. My mom says she's excited for when we can actually talk and stuff...but I think we are still having fun together now, just looking at each other and laughing...oh and when you smother me with kisses. My mom wants you to teach me to be more kissy, or something like that. Anyway, thanks for being such a fun cousin!!



b. lee said...

sweet post, Brooks :D u & ur cous' are cuties!!! luvin' that zest lemon sorbet ~ ~ ~

happy 1st to Mr. Samson * *

Unknown said...

So precious! I love watching your little one grow! They look so adorable together!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Happy 1st to little SAMSON (what a cute name he has!)

Loved reading this post from special and sweet little Brooks' perspective! NEATO!

They are two peas in a pod....I can definitely see that! Two cuties.

And the little sour face? My FAVORITE. It looks just like Hudson's sour face. TeeHee.

Lincoln and Alisia said...

Seriously so cute. And so awesome that the boys are so close in AGE!

christine donee said...

this is so cute. Happy bday to the little one!

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