Friday, April 29, 2011


I had the pleasure of watching the royal wedding of William and Katherine with my sweet sister-in-law :) Becca recorded it, so we were able to watch, rewind, and watch the best parts again ;) She prepared a delicious lunch for us to enjoy while soaking up all of the royal romance...tomato & olive bruschetta, spinach pasta salad, and chocolate chip stuffed raspberries (a new favorite sweet treat).
*cheers* to pretty much the most lovely couple on the face of the planet.
*cheers* to a beautiful ceremony, I was touched by much of what was said.
*cheers* to a sweet, down to earth girl becoming a PRINCESS.
*cheers* to true love ;)
*cheers* to having an even stronger desire to marry my own prince charming (my sweet Adam) over, & over, & over again.
*cheers* to first kisses as husband and wife.
*cheers* to happily ever after...and beyond :)
Yes, these are iphone photos of the TV...not the best quality, but I wanted to remember those sweet scenes that gave me goosebumps. Goodness, I love weddings :)
Goodness I wish I was in that crowd :)
But at least when I watch The Princess Bride with Adam and the kid(s), I can say I watched, on TV, a real Princess Bride on her wedding day...oh, TWOO WUV ;)


Lauren Byers said...

Looks like a fun time with your sister in law :)

christine donee said...

sadly I didn't get to watch it.. i'm dying over here.

Unknown said...

Yaay! So glad you were able to see it. I saw it too... aaand, since I live in England, everyone was watching it!

In Christ,


Chelsea said...

chocolate chip stuffed raspberries! Genius!

I'm doing that tonight!

Kates dress was gorgeous. I'm sure everyone will be wearing lace sleeves from now on!


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

YES YES! Cheers to all of those beautiful things!!

I am sad that my recording of the "wedding of the century!" fell through due to our power outage from the tornadoes, but I am so happy I've been able to relive these beautiful moments through reruns and blogs! It truly was a perfect wedding...beautiful Kate is so poised and graceful, a wonderful new role model for all the girls out there in the world! I can't wait to watch their happy life unfold before our eyes!!

Shay said...

Love this and your last post about marriage, Haley- so sweet and all so true:-)

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