Saturday, May 14, 2011

a little yard work & a lot of LIFE

Today we started the day with a little yard work.
Adam mowed the lawn, and I pulled weeds in the front and back.

Then we relaxed with 2 bowls of LIFE while watching the latest Modern Family on Hulu. We got our LAUGH on of my favorite episodes up to date :)

I didn't put the LIFE away and somehow it was in reach of this little guy...
I couldn't resist snapping a few picks of my little LIFE bandit ;)
{ nothing a broom can't fix right }

Yay for a productive and sweet start to our Saturday!


Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

awe how i wish we had a backyard to play in and do some gardening zen outs. you are so lucky and the pics are all great!

life surely is sweet.

and oh my gosh, the post below just took me back in time to when i used to have a blast rockin' away on my horsie too. darling is what! happy weekend lades. ♥

Nicole Dianne said...

haha so cute! i can't wait to do yard work with my hubby someday when we own a house:)

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

Your family is adorable!

my first giveaway :)

Emily said...

he is just too cute!


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a sweet little cereal-eatin' snuggle bunny. Awww! Hudson's favorite is Lucky Charms ;) He digs right in, just like Brooks!

Some of my favorite times are hanging out with my little family in the yard...Will doing yard work, and me chasing the little guy. These are the little moments that mean a whooooole lot! :)

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