Tuesday, May 10, 2011

pure silliness

We made this epic video on photobooth last month.
It goes to show a mom will do anything to make their baby smile :)

Adam hasn't seen it yet...but after he does, I don't think he'll be able to resist me ;) bahaHA.

It makes Little B and me laugh EVERY.TIME we watch it together!
Call us narcissistic, but we love watching ourselves in little videos...even with gimongous eyebrows and Jay Leno chins.

This is pure silliness.
Or just a typical way we entertain ourselves ;)

PS - Here are a few ultra silly photos from when Brooks was just 1 month old :)
Goodness we have too much together!


Angela Brian said...

i love the last pic.

your giant eyes make you look like a fish.

and your little cone headed baby is the perfect touch!


Chelsea said...


Annie said...

Oh my goodness! HILARIOUS! I've got to find me that app or whatever it is so that I can take pictures of myself and my baby like that too! I LOVE the one where his head is so small!

Britney said...

hahah i feel the same way about doing anything to get your kid to smile. the one video I posted was the one where I looked the least like a moron, sadly.
Cute, cute! Totally a brilliant idea to get them doing photo booth early. Looks like I know what I'm doing tomorrow...

Shay said...

I had to giggle through that whole video- that is the Haley I love;-) And I love little B's smile towards the end- so cute!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my LIFE. I had to watch it twice...I love a good laugh. :D :D :D

*Brooks' sweet "mama"? Awww heart melted, right in the middle of the hilarity.

& just so you know...I felt like I was watching an SNL skit. You two should be big stars. :)

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

So cute

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

I'm laughing soo hard right now,"Heloooo I'm Haleeey!" haha
You are the cutest Mom.

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