Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sippin' horchata

Today after working out, I got a protein shake at our gym.
{I may or may not feel guilty that it was chocolate-pina colada with almond...basically an Almond Joy, liquified}

I let my new pro-sipper take a few tastes...Brooks loooooooooovvvvvveed it :)

And it reminded me of last weekend when we Little B finally caught onto the art of sipping through a straw :) It happened to be from a cup of delicious horchata (Mexican cinnamon rice milk)...and we got a video of it :)

We may be dorky parents...but we are SO proud of our little sipper.

Oh, and THEN it reminded me of this AWESOME song...my sister introduced it to me a while ago...love it :)


Brooke said...

Did I seriously almost just cry watching that video? For one, it reminded me when my daughter just sucked out of a straw like no one's business. Two, you guys are the cutest family and I can't wait to be with Mr. Charming so we can all be happy like that! ♥

Shawntae said...

Yes! It's soo much easier when they can suck from a straw and they think they are soo cool.

Way to go Brooks!

As for Horchata I think it is nasty but so many people like it. Something that you think about while your pregnant and wanna throw up. haha

Ashley said...

HOW sweeeeeeet! He is really going for it with that straw! CUTIE!!! I love when he goes for like his 3rd sip, with his little mouth open wide!

& that is one of my favorite songs EVER! I love listening to it super loud in the car....Hudson likes it, too. :)

Emma said...

That video is adorable!! What a little cutie.

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