Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sunny st. george

Last Thursday Adam, Brooks, and I drove down with my parents [who flew in from Vancouver, WA] to St. George to be with by brother Justin and his family...this weekend was extra special because it was my nephew's 8th birthday and he was getting baptized! We love you Tyler!

Friday morning we headed to a fun park for Tyler's birthday party. We had a ball! It was so fun seeing Brooks explore and enjoy himself on the swings, the playground, and the sweet little water/sprinkler area. After presents and cupcakes (my sweet nieces and I decorated them, so fun! My sister-in-law Kristen got the idea from here) the boys had a water fight!! Adam got into it and had a blast with those boys :)
Our little party animal zonked right out on our way home from the park...so after a nice, long nap Brooks enjoyed their bouncing away on their rocking horse, and "playing" some tunes on the piano with his darling cousin Graci.

Later we headed to this fun community pool. Soaking up some sun and spending time with my family...doesn't get much better :)

Saturday morning was Tyler's baptism.
{ 2 other boys were baptized as well, Tyler is on the far right in the photo below }
It was a beautiful day, and Tyler was just beaming with pride :)
I was honored to be able to speak at the baptism...I loved being apart of such a special day for him. We're so proud of our nephew for making the choice to be baptized and officially become a member of the church! :)
That afternoon we were able to meet up with one of Adam's best friends from growing up and grab some frozen yogurt. It was great catching up with Quin, such a great guy :) But we missed his sweet wife Dani! Hope she's feeling better!
Then Saturday night we had a family pizza party in their backyard...we devoured watermelon, played blind-capture-the-flag, did some more swinging, and even got our basketball-on :)
Little B was making the rounds for that pizza ;)

Sunday we a gorgeous day as well!
It's been cooler in Utah, and for St. George that means in the 80's...perfect!
After church we took naps, and enjoyed some great visits :) Soaking up every minute we had left...we ate a way too much for dinner, then packed up and hit the road for home sweet home. It was sad leaving, but we hope we'll be back soon! Justin and Kristen were such great hosts :)
The drive home was beautiful...and Adam and I talked the whole way. Neither one of us slept once!! Pretty epic in our little road trip record ;)
Here's to sun-filled weekends with family :)


Courtney B said...

Aah I'm so so jealous! I want to spend a long weekend playing in St George! I lived there up until 6 months ago and I miss the warm weather :) looks like you guys had SO much fun!! And I so want to play capture the flag now!! :

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

OH Wow! What a super fun time! First of all, I LOVE the basketball pics...how cute are you!! Go girl! Second, that little piano pic is so special...I have one almost identical of playing piano with my cousin as a child. So sweet. Little Brooks is exploring and learning and smiling SO MUCH! Look at all the fun stuff he got to do! YAY! & a big congrats to little Tyler! Awesome!!

BRiii said...

Haley it looks like you had a fabulous weekend with your beau and little B! I love the pictures and am so happy you were able to go on yet another family road trip ;c)Very special!

Megan and Justin said...

oh my gosh! that sounds like SO much fun! I absolutely love being with family. Your pictures are SOO cute :)

Jen Hammer said...

Love the photos! Gosh, you and your family are so beautiful :)

Eva Marie said...

Oh how fun!! I love the little party animal fell asleep pictures :)

The baptism pictures are just so sweet, they look nervous yet so excited

thatjordangirl said...

How sweet! A few things: your hair in braids is adorable, you are stunning; your family is just the cutest, I say that a lot but it's true!

"Hermana Kjar" said...

Those pics are so adorable!! How fun to be with your fam that you never get to see! Your fam is so cute Haley. And did you make those cupcakes? Because they are so adorable!!
Love you and miss you tons!!

Shay said...

I have always wanted to go to St George, I have heard so many fun things about it! I love all your pictures- the bball ones are my fave!

Hilary said...

How fun! Little Brooks is just so dang cute! I'm jealous of the nice warm weather you had down there!!! :)

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