Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Brooks,

Lately, you've been over the top
and I thought I'd show you a few pictures and share some stories to show you just how.

You've been over the top cute when we go shopping. At the grocery store you pick random people to say "Hi" to...and you'll tell them "Hi! Hi! Hiiiiii!" until they look at you :)
Or the other day when we were shopping at the thrift were getting tired...luckily there were suckers at the cashier's desk. You became one happy boy once you got one of those in your mouth! Sucking on your candy and playing with your reflection in the mirror while I tried on clothes :) Too adorable!
You've also been rather sneaky lately...and you've definitely taught me to I need to put any open bags of chips (or any opened food packages for that matter) up high in the pantry ;)
Oh, and a couple weeks ago I let you run around in the nude...and you decided to let loose. Well, while I was cleaning up, you leaked again! HA! Another lesson you taught time I'll put a clean diaper on you first, then clean up the mess ;)
Thanks to the splash pad, you've become so much more brave around water! :) I absolutely love watching you tromp through the water and run through the gurgling fountains. Last time we went with your Aunt Becca and cousin Samson, they brought watermelon & strawberries and you couldn't get enough in those chubby cheeks of yours :) And we were there for so long that you got the cutest flip-flop tan line I think I've EVER seen.
You're also brave when it comes to are scaling everything in site, or at least trying :) Couches, chairs, ottomans, the kitchen bench, and yesterday your rocking chair (which is pretty tricky). And once you made it, you were pretty darn proud. As was I :)
You and your daddy are quite the jokesters ;) The other day when he was putting your PJ's on he pulled up your pants so high you looked like a mini grandpa! HA! And you thought you were pretty hilarious...which you were...I couldn't stop laughing :)And yesterday while we were waiting at the doctors (no one's sick, just a check up:) I pulled up a chair for you to check out the LOVED it and made sure everyone in the office knew. "Oooohh! OOOH!!" you'd exclaim. Then you'd look back at me to make sure I was seeing the fishes too :) You couldn't have been any sweeter.
And another story, that I don't quite have a picture for... Yesterday we were having a tickle fight. Both of us having a grand ol' time ;) When you randomly pointed behind me and said, "baaw!!" (which means ball, or really any toy that you want). I looked and there was nothing behind me...I then look back to you, ready for some more tickles, and you're running off totally snickering! You are one sneaky, smart little man. haha!!

Thank you for always making your Daddy and me laugh, and making my heart more happy than I ever thought it could be. I love you forever Brooks!!

Love always,


Katie said...


you are the sweetest momma.

madison kate said...

i love these 'dear brooks' posts..he's going to treasure these when he's grown up. he is so adorable, know i've said that before but he really is!! you're an amazing mom, and i've got to tell you: you make me excited to have a little family of my own one day. c:

Gentri said...

hahaha! I love that he pulled that trick on you! Hilarious!! Oh he is seirously the cutest! My nephew is a major climber too. Scares me sometimes with the things he decides he can climb... haha!

MariePhotographie said...

Cutest baby ever! :) I see so much of you in him! What an awesome post that you'll cherish forever!

Britney said...

ahhhh so CUTE i can't even stand it!!
What a darling little boy you have--duh.
I loved everything you captured--especially him saying "hi" to everyone in the grocery store and spilling the bag of chips everywhere :) darling.
Great job capturing these cute moments.

Shay said...

That last story is my FAVORITE- I laughed so hard when I saw that on Facebook, ha! He is so darn cute!

RIP cool ranch doritos. Those are/were the best;-) Hope you are well my friend!

Tessies Hearts said...

Oh no...too cute...SO broody!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a smart, sneaky, lovable, adorable, precious, beautiful little boy.

These stories are all so CUTE and definitely ones that you'll want to share with future girlfriends that stop by to visit with Mom & Dad. ;)

The picture with the high pants is HILARIOUS. What a little jokester.

I can't believe he was tee-teeing all over. He just couldn't hold it! He probably thought it was pretty entertaining to just let loose like that, too. Hudson did it in the tub the other night, and he looked truly amazed. ;)

About the fish....the other day when H was sick, I took him to the pediatrician. He was standing at the aquarium, and yelling to me in my seat: "Ish, Mama!" "Look!" "Mama!' "Ish, Mama!" It was so cute. & then this boy who looked to be about 10 mocked him saying "Mama" to make his sister laugh. & that made me so sad!! :( I couldn't believe they were picking on a such a little (& sick!) guy. Boooo.

p.s. I'm sorry I blew up your comments tonight! I've been missing your blog so much while I've been out of town this I had lots of catching up to do! Hope you all have a GREAT Friday!! :) xo

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