Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a night at the fair

Last weekend we went with some of Adam's siblings to the Davis County Fair...we had a great time with Sharla, Luke, Becca, and little Samson :) It was definitely a smaller fair, but nonetheless filled with all sorts of fair goodness.

We had 2 very happy boys
We didn't ride any, but we did see the cutest old couple ever enjoy themselves on the "tornado"...made my night :) Oh and the bubble-boy game looked pretty awe-some.
Brooks loved pointing and saying "doggy! doggy!" at all the cute bunnies...that's what he's decided to call any and all animals lately.
Snow cones, barbecue pork sandwiches, bratwurst, and all sorts of fried goods (we tried fried oreos for the first time...and they exceeded my expectations. Mmmmmm!
There were times when Brooks was cheering louder than all of us combined! ha! I can't get enough of the barrel races and the little mutton busters! And there's always a *sigh* of relief after the bull riders have all done their rides and everyone is safe :)

And it gets me excited for the Utah State Fair next month!!

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Gentri said...

I love fairs! Can you believe I've never been to the Utah State Fair?!

Britney said...

OMG Adam and I have been talking about going to the fair for weeks! Everything looks like it was so fun!
mmmmmm snow cones and fried oreos are what I'm excited for...Adam just wants a massive corndog.
And how cute that Brooks calls the animals "doggy!"--can't wait to hear all the new words he's learning...little smarty pants.
And I've never been to the rodeo! Surprising, coming from a hick area of PA. I just always felt like I wanted to be as far away from being blue-collar as possible, but now that we live here I think I'm ready. Looks awesome!
Love you, miss you, nothing new.

Chelsea said...

OMG fried oreos!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum!

what cute photos, my friend. you make me long for an iphone.

Jules said...

What beautiful memories!

Small fairs are kind of nice.

Old couples rock! I want to be the kind of old couple (with my honey of course) that still holds hands because they want to not because they need to balance their center of gravity!

Fried oreos? Hmmm... don't knock 'em before you try them huh?

This is such a cute post!

Caitlin Alexander said...

Gotta love state fairs. :) You are doing an amazing job making precious memories for little Brooks! You guys are terrific. Have a great week!

Megan and Justin said...

fairs are So fun! fried oreos? haha sounds kinda amazing.

Unknown said...

Aw, I love the fair...and it looks like Brooks did too! I've always wanted to try the fried oreos...maybe I will venture out this time. :)

kylee said...

goodness i love the fair. i'm excited for the utah state fair too! it's coming up!! also i've been meaning to e-mail you and find out what your name on instagram is! i'd looove to follow you.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Aww! Doggies, bunnies, it's all the same to a little guy. ;) Hudson calls almost every color green...Ha!

I love me some fun at the fair, and of course, I also love Fried Oreos and Snow Cones and many many more delicious fair snacks! It's pretty hard not to love the fried oreos....gosh, they're good. We have a wing shack down the road from our house, and they make those...every time Will gets wings for football watching, I make him bring me oreos. HA! Probably not so good for my figure. ;)

I LOVE a good rodeo!! I love that Brooks was cheering loudly. What a sweetie. Hudson hasn't been to one yet, & I just dying to take him. He loves "horseys".

p.s. shirtless Brooks is toooooooo cute.

Courtney B said...

Fried oreos?? Nooooo way!! I'd love to try that!
We went to a fair last weekend and it was no good :( And NO fried desserts. Oh I was such a sad sad girl...haha!

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