Monday, October 10, 2011

What I'm craving today...

Making a baby has a few game rules, one of which is no sushi (with raw fish). But that's exactly what I'm craving today!...sushi with this girl :)

Brooks and I were lucky enough to enjoy a sushi date with the lovely Britney and her little boy last time I was back home in Vancouver. She married an Adam too :) who happened to be a good friend of mine from Washington. I kept up with her, Adam, and their adorable little man Jude on their sweet blog, A Private Tour...and was so excited to get together and finally meet in person! Goodness that girl is fantastic...from her blog I figured she was sweet yet sassy, hilarious, has a awesome sense of style, and is such a fun little mom...she is all that and more. I so, so wish we lived closer!! I am glad though that the good old internet keeps us up on each others' lives...her little Jude is growing up so fast!! And I lived vicariously through her when she posted about her latest awesome aventure to the Oregon Coast...okay, so now I'm craving sushi with Brit, at the coast.

Oh, and I've craving a Burgerville shake too (which we had after the sushi)...*sigh* a girl can dream, right??

Spiritual Health:
"Opportunities To Do Good" - A beautiful, touching short video about a family that after recently moving to Seattle, WA (just a few hours north of my home) found out their young daughter was diagnosed with End Stage Liver Failure...the community came together to serve their family. And they witnessed a miracle :)


Nicole Marie said...

oh man that's going to be so hard for me when i'm pregnant not to be able eat sushi

Eva Marie said...

It's thanksgiving monday today but I could ALWAYS go for some Sushi :)

Reminds me I went to this awesome Japanese restaurant on Friday night where all the waiters screamed out hello and come back soon upon entering and leaving.. it was a delight

Courtney B said...

How fun!! I want to meet more bloggers in person :)
And I just honestly don't care for sushi. I know... CRAZY!

Lena said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one having crazy cravings...mine are driving me nuts! Happy sushi dreams...may you dream of eating them until your cravings are satisfied : )

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Sushi and sweet boys and milkshakes and friends?! That is a recipe for happiness, if you ask me! :)

I am thankful for the internet, for letting us connect with new friends and easily! What did we do before all of this awesome technology?

p.s. LOVE your look GORGEOUS! :D

Unknown said...

what a great post! I love the little spiritual health quote at the end of them!

I found your blog randomly and thought I would say hi. You have such a great little spot here! Come on over and follow me on my new color inspired blog...I think you'll really like it!

Britney said...

Call me biased, but think this is your best post yet ;). haha totally kidding. you're the sweetest thing ever. I had so much fun with you and handsome little Brooks that day! Ok, I'm planning it in my head already: you and me on a Thursday night (because my Thursdays could use some spicing up) at my place with Pero, popcorn, nutella and banana crepes, and california/shrimp crunch rolls, with sweat pants and massive buns, watching The Goonies. Kind of an awkward combination, but I'm game if you are ;)

Lindsay Rondo said...

sushi is sooo good. that was hard for me not to eat while i was pregnant.

i love the stack of plates. looks like you guys had a good time.


Megan said...

i crave sushi every day...but i cant have it..not because im pregnant..but because the UK just doesnt seem to do it right...or i havnt found a place that does yet. its my mission in life.

i am not pregnant.

i just wanted to re-clarify.

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