Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Brooks,

You got your first hair cut! On Christmas. I don't think that was the smartest decision...because I was an absolute mess.

I probably told the barber (your sweet Daddy) to be sure to just trim it at least a thousand times. He was so great, especially with your head wiggling around every few minutes. Playing your beloved "Tangled" on Dad's laptop and giving you a sucker (or 3) did help with the wiggle-factor though :) Overall you did awesome! And you look so stinkin' cute.

I on the other hand, was snapping pictures and probably driving Dad crazy when I'd give him pointers...he has cut men's hair for years, and I've never cut hair in my life. I was just so nervous...but why??? Part of me dreaded the thought of this change...seeing your baby curls fall to the ground. I felt like it'd make you grow up instantly. Which is why just minutes before Dad finished, I left the kitchen and went to our room, and cried. (Goodness that's embarrassing to admit). But do you know what?? Right after your Dad cleaned up the mess of freshly trim hair, he put you in the tub...he and you played, and giggled together...watching and listening to you two made my heart happy and reminded me that you're still our little boy. You will grow up, I know. And I'm slowly but surely becoming more and more okay with that. Thanks for being patient with me ;)

Here are some of the photos I got...the one of you & me is the best picture we could get of some sweet kisses pre-trimming, you just couldn't take your eyes off Rapunzel ;)
Hey, you still have some curl! :) Of course with or without curls, I love you sweet boy.

Love forever,

PS - I most definitely saved some of your sweet locks. I couldn't help it :)

Spiritual Health:
Read Moroni 10:32-33, The Book of Enos, Repentance section of For the Strength of Youth, and D&C 20:77, 79.

Physical Health:
More elliptical and pilates at the gym :) And my goal is to stay longer than an hour...


Haley Galloway said...

My word. He is SO cute. Those curly locks are amazingly adorable. The cut looks so good!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Bless your little heart, Haley. I totally can relate to every inch of this post. Here is Hudson, age (almost) 2 1/2, and he's yet to have a real trim. Just a few snips here and there from moi. ;) And even those few snips were rough for me. :(

BUT look how adorable he looks with his new 'do! Like you said...he'll always precious and beautiful and no matter what he'll always be YOUR LITTLE BOY!

Big HUGS to you for making it through this milestone, Mama! xoxo

jordan said...

YOU SAVED IT I am so happy!! He looks so grown up!

Marsha said...

No one understands better than I! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. These are right of passage moments...thanks for sharing it so beautifully with all of us. We all have cherished those curls, and delight in the fact that we know your little man is growing up! We love all of you! And what a great barber Adam is. That will save you all a ton over the years!

Kati Howard said...

As a mother of two (almost three boys) I started my haircutting skills (and lack of training) out on Tyler. He was brave (and cheap) enough to let me use him as my first mens haircut dummy. I was terrified that he would be bald and so I just trimmed tiny bits off at a time. I think all in all it took like 3 hours because I was being so cautious. Then as I had my own little boys I'd gained a lot of experience and confidance, but faced the challenges of little wiggly boys. Lets just say that there have been one or two mishaps in my haircuts on the little ones over the years, but luckily, as my own mom always reminded me-- "hair grows". Glad that Brooks' haircut turned out well. And don't worry his curls will be back in 2-3 weeks if his hairs is anything like me boys'. :) Great job Adam!

Nicole Marie said...

aww cute that you're saving it! look at all those curls!

Kiki said...

He looks great! Such a cute little man! I had a hard time cutting Grant's hair too the first time. It makes them look so much more grown up!

Chelsea said...

so sweet! this reminds me of when conrad got his first hair cut (so i had to go search for the post and view the pics again!)

i remember trying so hard not to cry when i saw his little blond hairs on the ground. sad day. they're SO big once that hair is gone.

Shalyn said...

I am SO GLAD you didn't cut it all off- his hair is the BEST! It looks adorable.

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