Friday, January 20, 2012

so blessed

I am so blessed to be part of such an incredible family. Within one year, Adam's family lost 2 beautiful people...a sweet boy and an incredible man. And what I've witnessed from both experiences, was that their faith was strengthened and they grew closer together.

Today we celebrated the life of Adam's Grandfather, Stan Smoot. The funeral services were so touching...beautiful music, tender memories, funny stories, and inspiring qualities of Grandpa were shared. Overall, there was a message of love and admiration for a man who loved God with all his heart, and who loved and supported his family in everything, I mean everything. Growing up, Adam always knew his Grandpa would be in the stands at all of his wrestling matches...he was the biggest fan of all of his grandchildren, and they knew it :)

My heart went through many poignant moments as I felt the spirit today, and recalled the spirit and feelings I felt one year ago at the funeral of our nephew, Bennett. Grandpa Smoot lived a long, full life...and he used his time on earth to do so much good for so many people :) Bennett was just about to turn 2 years his funeral to me was much more tender and heart breaking...yet joyful and inspiring! My heart hurts for Adam's sister and her family who long to be able to see him live his life beyond the 20 short months he had. But in those 20 months Bennett brought joy to SO many...and his passing is a reminder to us all to soak up every day with our loved ones, and to make sure we are living life the right way so that we can all be together again...death is not the end. How blessed I am to have that knowledge.

Now, I'm going to enjoy a sweet night at home with my boys...soaking up every second with them, they're such gifts :)


Britney said...

You have such a wonderful family--so sorry for your loss. But it's true that death is not the end :) It's moments like these that can either pull us apart or bring us together and it sounds like you have a very close family that's there for one another. The people that we have the opportunity to love and have love us each day are truly gifts :) <3

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Looks like the service was truly beautiful....and what a blessing that Grandpa Smoot lived a long and happy life. Somehow that fact offers such comfort during a sad time.

I think about little Bennett a lot. And you are soo right....his untimely passing has been such a message to me: to treasure every single fleeting moment I have with my loved ones.

Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend!

Eva Marie said...

What a beautiful service.. I also think about Bennett a lot. It is true that death is not the end... even though it feels like it is ending to us it is just the beginning for them

your family is wonderful, and supporting and I feel lucky to join in and read along with you guys

extra squeezes for my family tonight

Alyse said...

I so wish we could have been there... unfortunate timing on our part. sure love that man :)

Sophie Weber said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Truly an amazing man, and family.

Haley Galloway said...

So very sorry for the loss of an obviously loved man. Going on 2 years ago now (can't believe it's been that long) my Uncle passed away. And it was so strange because the service was probably one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It was so hard, but at the same time something I felt so blessed to be a part of. I left feeling a greater love for my family. And a new outlook on what life means and how we are triumphant over death.

I'll be saying a prayer for your hearts! Beautiful pictures by the way.

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

So sorry to hear of your loss.
Grandparents are super hard to lose!
They've been unforgettable influences and lights in our lives.

Thinking of you and your loved ones ;)

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