Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brooks' 2nd Birthday Party!

Saturday morning we had an early celebration for
His actual birthday is coming up on's still sinking in that my Little B isn't so little any more :)

It was a PJ party and we had a waffle bar with all sorts of yummy fixings...fresh fruit and berries, homemade syrup (thank you Penny!), ice cream, fudge, caramel, and some tasty bacon & sausage. We lucked out, and I think it hit the spot of the kids and the adults ;)

Some of our wonderful family (missing those who live far away!) and a few of Brooks' closest friends came to celebrate with us. We all had a great time eating, visiting, laughing, know, what all fun 2-year-old birthday parties are made of.

And everyone was so generous!! Brooks received so many thoughtful gifts (some that he's already loved playing with!) that will make for some fun times this spring and summer! But don't let the last picture deceive you ;) it was during present-time that he actually had a couple pretty good melt downs. That boy is Mr. Independent and was not in the mood to open a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. Yowza. Thank goodness he was surrounded by people that love him no matter what :)

And the candles in the our cinnamon roll "cake"...yes there are most definitely more than 2. But that's because our little man loooooooooves to blow out candles of any kind, so after singing "Happy Birthday" he got to blow them out, a couple times. His friends and cousins even joined in!

Thanks so much to everyone who came!! We love you & your families to the moon the back :) Adam and I are so grateful to have such incredible people in the life of our son.


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Happy EARLY birthday to the CUTE and INDEPENDENT and SMART and SWEET little Brooks! A pj party sounds perfect...and I love the balloon garland! How Cool! The photos are so great...waffles and cinnamon rolls and lots of sweet smiles!

p.s. how neat that Brooks and new baby will have birthdays so close to one another!

p.s.s. you look great, Mama! Hope you're hanging in're on the home stretch now! :)

Davis Valley Classic said...

You know how to throw a great party Haley! The waffle bar was SO yummy and the decorations and all the little details were so cute. Brooks was FUN! And like I said, Grant did the same thing on his birthday, too overwhelming all those presents!
Happy Birthday sweet Brooks!
P.S. Have that baby today already!!!

Alyse said...

OH MY goodness! His curls are killing me. I can't take him--too cute! Sounds like fun! And a two year old birthday party just wouldn't be a party without a couple of melt-downs, right?! Love you guys!

Nicole Marie said...

this is the absolutely cutest birthday party idea! and the mickey mouse waffles! love!

Unknown said...

Aw, the waffle bar & pj party is such a sweet idea! :) You are such a creative mom! I'm totally dying over his curls! So adorable!

Lauren Byers said...

what a cute party theme!! I LOVE it!! :) Happy Birthday Brooks! Soon he's going to be a big brother! SO fun! :)

kylie said...

happy bday to the little man! such a fun way to celebrate at home in your PJS! love it! you are inspiring as a mother. so inspired, all the time.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Brooks!!! I can't believe he's already 2. Time seriously flies! You are the best with that colorful birthday! Every single detail is perfect. Yay for breakfast parties :)

Britney said...

What a perfect little party!! I'm obsessed with it! Waffles, balloon banners, cinnamon roll "cupcakes", tons of fixin's, PJ's and presents??
Magical. Simply magical.
I'm busy planning Jude's bday and could definitely use some tips on making a cute little boy party. Any ideas?
We're doing lunch :)

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