Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ice cream, chess, and coaxing with kisses

The night before last, Adam and I stayed up much past our bed time...we played chess on his iPad and ate [my very favorite as of late] crushed vanilla bean ice cream from the carton.
It made for a good night :)

But the combination of not getting sleep and eating too much sugar has resulted in this pregnant mama feeling rather sick. Ugh... How did I ever survive college?? ;)

I had a tickle in my throat yesterday, and today it's all sorts of soar and I'm slightly congested. Thanks to vitamin C, peppermint tea, and a good, long rest while Little B napped, I feel a bit better. But I'm just praying I get back to 100% before this baby arrives. I want...no, I NEED to be able to smother him or her with kisses! Any and all good-health vibes sent my way would be much appreciated :)

Oh, and smooth-labor vibes are welcome too :)
Today is our babe's due date! He or she is definitely still cooking. But we've been doing lots of coaxing with sweet kisses from big brother. Come out little one! We're ready for you!

Spiritual Health:
Read "The Power of Scripture" by Richard G. Scott. LOVE HIM.
"Scriptures are like packets of light that illuminate our minds and give place to guidance and inspiration from on high. They can become the key to open the channel to communion with our Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ."


Janie Richardson said...

Feel better Hailey!! Your new babe is going to be so sweet. Prayers comin your way!

The Pepper. said...

Will be sure to send good vibes your way:) So exciting today is your due date, hopefully you won't have too wait much longer!

Haley Galloway said...

Hope you feel better!! Sending lots of prayers up your way! Hope that baby comes soon for you!! I had my son 11 days ago. Hope your labor goes smooth and easy!!

Brooke said...

AH TODAY? Another little one is coming SOON I can't wait :D

jordan said...

I had to go find your facebook earlier today because you hadn't posted in so long and I was like OH MY HECK SHE HAD THE BABY AND I MISSED IT. Yep, I care that much. I'm a creep. But I'm glad to know I didn't miss it and I'm happy you had such a fantastic evening with your hubbs!!!

monica said...

You must be SO anxious, I AM SO ANXIOUS for you!!! I can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl! Either would be so perfect, another cute little brooks, or a sweet little girl! You can't go wrong :) I'll be thinking of you and praying your baby comes out soon, I'm sure these last few waiting days are not comfortable! Can't wait to hear!

Alyse said...

Haley~ hoping your sweet babe comes soon! Will say a prayer right now for you to feel better (and I might sneak in asking that the baby comes really soon, too). Glad to see all is well! Can't wait to see the little one! Only wish we were closer to come see him/her in person! Loves and all the good vibes in the world! xoxo!!

Bree said...

Ohhh. I hope you feel much better. **prayers your way**. I am so excited to see what sex the babe will be, I can't believe you have been able to wait! I think girl =)

good luck cute mama!
xoxo, bree

Eva Marie said...

Oh how exciting Haley - Love that belly pic with sweet brother kisses!My sister in law is due in 2 weeks and I just can not wait to meet all these new babies entering our beautiful earth.

I hope you feel better soon (and I feel you on the sweets at the end of my pregnancy I couldnt handle any more, major heart burn)

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

Hope you start feeling better! I can't believe it's time for little to be here! Can't wait to see him/her and hear all about it! Good Luck, Haley! Will be thinking and praying for you!

Chelsea said...

hope you get better soon and don't have to deal with being sick + going into labor + having a new baby to deal with! yikes! hope it passes.

doing squats and sitting on the birth ball helps widen your hips and get the baby to make good contact with your pelvis. I took evening primerose oil twice a day, one pill in the morning orally and another vaginally to help soften my cervix a few weeks before I Was due. You can look into that and see if you want to try it. i got mine at whole foods.

can't wait to see what the baby's sex is! It's so hard those last few weeks though. a friend of mine didn't go into labor until 43 weeks, had a perfectly healthy baby and another friend had both of her babies at 42 weeks (both girls were with midwives.). Doc's dont really let woman go that long anymore though before they intervene to start labor. I'm praying this baby come soon for you though, the last few weeks aren't super fun!

hugs & prayers!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Haley! Sending all sorts of good vibes and prayers for wellness your way! Your due date!! You made it!! Wooooo! Not much longer now, that's for sure. :) Hang in there and REST until the big moment arrives. Can't wait to see this baby! :D

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