Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Weekend...full & happy :)

This weekend my body, spirit, and heart were fed :)
So today I'm feeling pretty good!

We ate bacon waffles, berry/spinach smoothies, summer vegetable chicken chili, quiche, giant mugs of hot chocolate, nutella on toast, a delicious pork chop dinner brought over by a neighbor, and homemade cinnamon & orange rolls (brought over by friends). My stomach was basically full all weekend, full and happy :) Oh and there were lots of naps, which always does a body good :)

My spirit was uplifted by messages from the leaders of our church. Elder Ronald A. Rasband's talk (you can watch it here) is still touching my heart the more I think and ponder on it. He talked about how our bodies are incredible gifts from God...a truth I've witnessed when each of my children were born. Yet many of God's children have extreme physical infirmities and ailments. But no matter our physical condition, "...the worth of souls is great in the sight of God," (D&C 18:10). And physical limitations of others, be they permanent or temporary, give us opportunities to serve and become more like our Savior. I need to do better at not just simply offering to help, but to just. do. it.

And my heart smiled as I watched my husband play with our little boy, and snuggle our baby girl. The moments at home sweet home with my little family are precious to me. Oh how I love each of them.

One more wonderful Mom spent the weekend down in St. George with my brother Justin's family :) We missed her!! And I'm grateful she'll be back tonight for another week (she has been an immense help to me...and I've soaked up our time together!). Yesterday we did some FaceTiming and Skyped a bit too. I took some screen-captures of my phone when we were calling her and waiting for it to connect. Can you tell Brooks was excited when I told him we were going to talk to Grandma?? And yes, that's peanut butter all over his cute cheeks ;)


Courtney B said...

Oh I just LOVE your sweet little family!!
What a perfect weekend full of amazing food (I need to have a baby so we can eat that good, ha ha!) and conference! I LOVED conference!
And precious Brooks! I love his happy face in those skype photos :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Hooray for a perfect weekend and a happy spirit, heart, and body! Oh and a happy tummy, too! That's always a good thing. I bet you find it pretty hard not to be overjoyed being amongst your BEAUTIFUL family. So glad your mom will be back for a stay with you..I know that is such a blessing! Brooks is ALWAYS the facetime pics. :)

Unknown said...

haley, congrats on your new sweet ava. she is just perfect, i am so happy for your sweet family!!

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