Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Ava,

Hey little miss. Can I tell you a secret?

You are so loved. 

Okay, okay...that's not even kind of a secret. :) Your Dad, big brother Brooks, and I absolutely adore you.

And let me share with you something that I know you love and love to be held. That little photo shoot above didn't last long before you were back in my arms.  Swaddling you up and giving you a binky to put you to sleep just doesn't cut it. Not even the swing.  I will admit, when we go places you're pretty good in your carseat, so thank you for that! :)  But overall, you are in my arms most of the day.  And then Daddy's arms when he gets home. May sound cheesy, but I think you like to be close to the sound of our hearts...  Whatever the reason, I really love it.  I probably should be better at letting you learn to sleep on your own. But the selfish part of me wants to soak up every bit of you while you're sill small. And don't worry, I still manage with one arm. ;)  While you're snuggled up in my left arm, my right arm cooks, puts on make up (except eyeliner, you'll learn one day that would take magic. haha), plays ball with your brother, feeds me, cleans up, and types on the computer (yep, even this letter).

Before I know it, you'll be putting yourself to sleep off in for now, I'll rock you and hold you as much as you need.

Stay tiny just a bit longer baby girl.  I love you Ava!


PS - Lately when I'm nursing you, you've been reaching your little hand up and holding on to the collar of my shirts. Keep it up. I can't get enough. :)

Spiritual Health:
Read and loved every word of the First Presidency's message for April... 
"'He Is Risen'--A Prophet's Testimony"
“At the last moment, [Christ] could have turned back. But He did not. He passed beneath all things that He might save all things. In doing so, He gave us life beyond this mortal existence. He reclaimed us.... He taught us how to live. He taught us how to die. He secured our salvation." --President Thomas S. Monson


Tori Baldridge said...

Aww love that second picture!!

Harmon's said...

I noticed that you haven't added ava to your side bar.

Janette said...

Cute baby? Check! Cute mamma? Check! Adorable post?? DOUBLE check! So sweet! I need a baby too! What a blessing!

Janette, the Jongleur

Shay said...

Sweet, sweet letter Haley. I love little Ava- she is so perfect. Brodyn reaches up when I am nursing him and holds onto my bra strap- I love it! And I especially love that we are both writing about our little babies...lots of things have changed in the twelve or so years we have been friends, eh? Love you!

the teuschers said...

Could that get any sweeter??? I love this!! Ava is a. dor. a. ble. She is so lucky to have such a sweet family!!

Marsha said...

What a great beginning. She seems very much like her Mama! I really don't think you can hold a sweet little one too much at the very beginning! I surely couldn't get enough of you! And I still can't! :)

Kris and Cath said...

This is so sweet and special. Mother and daughter-so so special.

Jen Hammer said...

Goodness...every time I read your blog posts I get all teary and emotional (in the best way) I'm sure it has partly to do with my pregnant emotions, but your family is just too sweet and I can't get over it. Your blog just radiates the love you have for your children and hubby. Good job mama :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh Haley. You know how to put a Mama's feelings into words like no other gal around. Here I am now, teary eyed at the computer, a ball full of happy and sad, yearning for the days that I held my little Hudson all day long. I realize now that those days certainly are fleeting, and the moments that I get to squeeze him close are growing few and far between. If only we could stop that clock from ticking along...just for a little while.

p.s. you two are BREATHTAKING! Looking lovely in reds and pinks. :)

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