Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Missing Mom/Grandma Stum...

My Mom is a Super Grandma.

She's the type that gets down with her grandkids, plays games and reads books with them, sings song after song, tells them she loves them too many times to count, does the silliest things to make them laugh, and just knows how to make each individual feel like a million bucks :)
How blessed my little Brooks and Ava are to have her!
{ Thanks Dad for letting us have her for so long! }

During this 3 1/2 week trip she made to help me with our new babe, my Mom also went to St. George and Arizona to see 11 of her 17 other grandchildren. I would have felt guilty to have her the whole time ;) I know my brothers and their families loved the time with her there!

While she was with us, you can bet that Brooks soaked up his Grandma-time! I didn't get a ton of pictures of them together because much of the time she was one-on-one with him I was nursing Ava or resting. But I know they had their little fun morning routine...it went something like this:
breakfast of Grandma's cinnamon toast oatmeal,
they'd play ball on the stairs,
then jump on the bed downstairs,
(goodness they sound like rebels;)
read his caterpillar counting book,
and then come upstairs and play the "drums" in the kitchen
(metal bowls with his beloved wooden spoons).

She was SUCH a help to our little family. She left to go home to Washington early this morning and we already miss her! Aside from missing the amazing meals she'd make and all the cleaning she'd quietly go about doing around the house...I'm going to miss hearing her and Brooks laugh together, seeing her hold Ava oh-so tenderly, when she and Adam and I would stay up late watching The Mentalist, and just being home with her. As I've become a mother myself our relationship has grown and flourished. I love and appreciate her more than I can say, and I miss her terribly. Thank goodness we'll see her in just one month when Ava is blessed! :)

I love you Mom.
And Brooks & Ava say they love you Gramma!

Spiritual Health:
Read "The Test" by Boyd K. Packer...such an inspirational read! Definitely needed the reminder that whatever lies ahead, God has prepared a way. And the pioneer Saints were incredible examples of having unstoppable faith. He even shared some fascinating details of the very first Pioneer Day celebration :)


Britney said...

You're mom is so amazing! How awesome that she got to spend so much time with you and yours and also had time to see her other grandkids!
All these pictures made me smile and reminded me of when Jude was just born and how I don't know what I would've done without my mom there with me--the moment she left and Adam went to work I freaked out a little.
So sad she's gone but that's awesome that she's coming back for sweet Ava's blessing! That picture of her holding that little girl made me smiled sooo big.

Eva Marie said...

Oh this post makes me have happy tears in my eyes.. I feel so happy for you and your family, for your mom and oh it just gives me the sense of things coming full circle.
She knew just how you needed help and jumped right in .. I love that its so beautiful :)

Warm wishes girl

*ps I emailed you back, did it go through :)

dreaming en francais said...

What a sweet post, aren't moms the greatest? Wow, 17 grandchildren! That's incredible! :) lovely photos too xo


yours truly said...

Your mom seems like a great grandma and mom! And wow 17 grandkids?! What a blessed family!

Unknown said...

Oh I just love momma Marsha! Your Mom has always been that way. Someone who would do anything for anyone and who walks into a room and makes sure everyone feels loved. If I see her it always makes my day better! Those kids are verrrrry lucky :)

Alyse said...

What a sweet mom you have! So glad she was able to be around for awhile. Looks like Brooks ADORES her! Good thing he'll get to see her again soon!

Nicole Marie said...

i know where you got your amazing mothering from. i can't imagine how are it is to say bye after such a nice time together. i miss my mom so so so much.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

As I was reading your description of your sweet Mom as a Gramma, I couldn't help but think of my mom, too! How blessed we are to have these wonderful women in our life to shower lots of LOVE on our babies!

Sounds like Brooks had an amazing time soaking up that special attention, and it is so wonderful you had some extra time to spend with you precious newborn Ava. I hope you all are getting along well without her, although I know you all miss her lots.

p.s. thanks for checking up on me on your last comment! We are all fine and well here! :)

p.s.s. and a HUGE thank you for ALWAYS leaving the sweetest comments. I don't know how you find the time right now to follow along with your friends (helloooo super Mama!), but it makes me SO HAPPY to see an email pop up with your name attached. Your kind words and encouragement are such a blessing to ME!

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