Friday, October 5, 2012

Stallman Studio/Gallery Grand Opening!

Isn't it the best seeing someone you love work so hard for something, and their hard work pays off and they're "living the dream"?? :)

When we went to Seattle in August to visit my brother Stephen, we spent some time at his studio/gallery. What an awesome space.  Steve and Jason are incredible artists with some seriously rad pieces, and tonight they are opening up their gallery to the public! If you're in or near Seattle tonight, go to the Stallman Studio/Gallery Grand Opening! We sure wish we could be you Steve!

// Stallman Studio //
2331 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA, 98112
(On the corner of 24th Ave E and E Madison St)


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

OH! How wonderful for your brother!! I love the arts...and it's amazing to see someone living their dream. :) Those creations look seriously cool!

Hope you guys are having a happy weekend! It's our first COLD day we are snuggled inside. ;)

Unknown said...

yay congrats this is awesome!

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