Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Brooks,

Hi sweet boy. I just have to tell you...lately you've been doing and saying the cutest things. You've also been more stubborn and sneaky and crazy than ever (like swiping my gum and eating 5 pieces under the dining room table, or throwing your ball "up to the ceiling" only to have it come down and bump the scentsy wax and have it spill all over the wall and floor, or you refusing to wear any shoes other than your snow boots) but let's not dwell on those things. ;)  Your Dad and I love you to the moon and back...and here are just a few reasons why:

You make us laugh when you do your gorilla impression and bang your belly (instead of your chest).

It's so endearing the how you think that when you cover your eyes you instantly become invisible.

You loooooove the "fwoot woops" that Daddy bought the other day, you count them and put them in piles according to their color. And it cracks me up that you eat them plain and prefer to drink your milk in a cup on the side.

You're a little artist and colored chalk is your medium of choice as of late.

The other morning, the first thing you said upon waking up was, "O-me-o! Haw-chaw-ket! Ma-no-nos!" (oatmeal, hot chocolate, marshmallows)

Brooks, you are a chocoholic like your mama. You sip at least one cup of "haw-chaw-ket" daily, your favorite is the kind with the tiny marshmallows (explains your request the other morning). You love helping mix it in with the whisk, spinning it in between your sweet hands, you're a pro.

After your second bowl of eggs the other day, you put my glass and your glass of grape juice together and went at it with both my growing boy!

I asked you what color the sky is, you said, "Bwoo!" Then I asked what color the clouds are, you said, "Mooooo!" It took me a second to realize you thought I asked about cows. ;) 

You still have fun singing and dancing to the song we made up a few weeks ago..."You gotta dance! You gotta shake it! You got groove all the day loooong!" And it always ends up with us in a laughing fest.

Love you forever sweet boy,

PS - Your full-belly laugh when I fly you high, doing "airplanes" and tickling your ribs with my toes, is one of my favorite sounds in the world.

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