Sunday, January 6, 2013

Terribly Happy

More than a few things that have been making me terribly happy as of late:

//  That girl's eyes  //  Scoring new ornaments at Target the day after Christmas (half off!) for next year's tree  //  My sweet Adam spending the day with Brooks while I took Ava to lunch with a couple of my best friends I haven't seen in years  //  My parents and younger sister came for a visit...more posts on that to come  //  Watching Brooks play games with "Gram-mom" and "Gram-pa" Stum  //  Planning a baby shower for one of my dearest friends  //  Because my sister showed me this song and he did this, I've now got Bieber Fever ;)  //  Church starting at 9am instead of 2pm  //  Finally getting out and enjoying the snow to go sledding!  //  Coming into a warm house from freezing, but beautiful, weather // It is Sunday and lasagna is in the oven // Tonight's plans involve popcorn and games in our new tent (thank you Mom and Dad!) that's set up downstairs //

So, what's been making you terribly happy lately?


Gaby said...

mmm lasagna... today i'm happy because i got the best mail from my besty :)

Heather Audrey Lapier said...

This is a very good post, I find myself happiest when I relish the small things like a lasagna in the oven smelling up the house on a Sunday as well. Today my husband and I attended a hockey game at our local area where a youth team played in their final tournament. People attend that don't even have children playing but take pride in their little town. The arena was packed with lots of familiar faces and we enjoyed a good hockey game.

Unknown said...

Oh I always love Target after Christmas but have somehow let it slip by...thanks for the reminder :)
Your little girl is beautiful BTW.
The Real McCoy(s)

Rinoplasti said...

Thanks! I’ve been learning on how to add a custom page template but good thing I found this.

Davis Valley Classic said...

Lots of things making you happy! I'm excited to see a post about how your time was with your family in town.
I love popcorn nights with family, especially in the cold winter. I hope you also had some hot chocolate (or as Grant says, "Hot chocco milk") in your tent!
Who are you planning a shower for!?

Jenn said...

That picture is adorable!

Jo said...

I discovered your blog just recently but I LOVE it (and probably already spent hours reading it) Thank you for spreading so much joy and happiness!

And I'm happy because of my Boyfriend and some awesome Ice cream dates :)

Greetings Jo :)

Elsha said...

im lovin the biebs as well. what he did for the sweet seven year old touched me. how about we go to the next concert... ya? ;) & blogging friends is definitely a happy thing for me. i love being inspired by other blogs and for their sweet, kind, and motivational words. & that picture is beyond darling. her baby blues are a total heart throb!

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