Sunday, February 17, 2013

6 things making this Sunday pretty wonderful

1 // Our shoes we wore to church, all lined up. :) The two pairs on each end won't fit the feet that wear them much bitter-sweet.

2 // The leftovers of last night's potato and corn chowder (my best yet!) is what's for dinner, which means no cooking and minimal dishes (yesssss)...that may change if we bake a chocolate cake later.

3 // A new bishop was called to serve over our congregation at church...he is an incredible man and also happens to be our family doctor. :) Kind of neat to think the same person will help us maintain our physical health and spiritual health.

4 // Brooks saw his nursery teacher right after Sacrament meeting, ran to her, and they walked out holding hands. Goodness I adore my boy who was once timid and anxious, but is now brave and outgoing and loves nursery. :)

5 // A family walk outside, bundled up in coats and hats, followed by a nap inside, bundled up in warm blankets, is on the agenda.

6 // My co-teacher in Sunday School shared a sentiment I really loved...instead of just trying to "Endure to the end" she strives to "Enjoy to the end." 


Kierra Irvine said...

ohh! I love #6! Enjoying the to end sounds a bit better ;)

Kris and Cath said...

I love that, "Enjoy to the End." I want to incorporate that into my life!

Gage said...

I saw a photo journal a while ago where a woman took a photo every few months or so of the shoes lined up in their entryway and it was so sweet and also a little sad. At first it was just her and her husband's, then it grew with the kids' and their friends' shoes, and then it started to dwindle till it was just two again. She did it for years. Neat, huh?

I love Sundays. Definitely my favorite day of the week :)

Davis Valley Classic said...

Love the shoes! I get sad when my kids outgrow shoes too. It's like a real tangible sign that they are growing up. I'm glad you had a wonderful Sunday!

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