Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Magic is...watching my two little ones love on each other, especially because lately these sweet moments have seemed few and far between. Brooks is so easily irritated by Ava, and the poor girl just can't seem to resist pulling his hair or grabbing anything he's playing with. We're working with her to be more soft, and especially with him to be more sharing and understanding "she's just a baby" (we say that A LOT).

Magic is...what I'm going to need to cross the finish line of the sprint triathlon I'll be doing in Oregon this April with my Dad. I registered for it last week and I'm equally pumped/excited about accomplishing this, as I am terrified/anxious that I'll pass out in the middle of my swim.

Magic is...mornings that I wake up and realize Ava slept for a solid 8 hours. And then snuggling in closer to Adam before getting up and out of bed.

Magic is...hearing a boy in the Sunday School class I teach laugh out loud, like really laugh, when I haven't heard him speak more than a few words ever.

Magic is...holding the fresh, not-even-a-day-old baby girl of one of my best friends, and hearing about her incredible birth.

Magic is...a long back rub from Adam. Heaven I tell you!

Magic is...the new Vine app. I've had a little to much fun making little videos with it! And when I'm checking out my feed of "moving photographs", it makes me feel like I'm at Hogwarts. :) Anyone else have the magical app?

Magic is...making fresh whipped cream with Brooks. Then eating giant, fluffy spoonfuls straight from the bowl, and sharing some with sister...another magic moment! :)


Brittany LeSueur said...

This is so sweet! Cutest siblings for sure!

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing picture of your little ones and reading about how they are growing, especially as brother and sister. Our second baby girl is arriving in a few weeks and I've been thinking a LOT about how Emma will like being a big sister... how I can help teach her and show her. Thank you for providing some encouragement! And the spoonfuls I of fresh whipped cream with the kiddos? Sounds amazing! :)

Britney said...

Ok first: I eat up these pictures you post of those two every single time.
Ok--I ran for 10 minutes today and nearly died, so I'm impressed you're doing such an ambitious race! I was a lifeguard who was really bad at swimming so I'm totally with ya on the whole passing out in the water thing.
-Jude has been waking up each night this week screaming hysterically and not going back to bed unless he can sleep in our bed and crawl all over me. So when he becomes an angel like Ava again I will be less crabby.
-I'm the chorister in junior primary and have to restrain myself from not laughing out loud at all the crazy things the kid do. Primary is the best!
-Newborn babies? Oh gosh, they're killing me right now.
-Back rub? Ask Adam how obsessed I am with them and he will sigh in hopeless understanding.
-I'm dying for your videos every time you post them and I TOTALLY thought about Harry Potter too when I first downloaded the app!
Lastly, Jude and I have been the secret eaters of the Hershey kiss stash. I love sharing them with him. Whipped cream sounds like even more fun!

Britney said...

That was a really long novel there. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Bri!!! said...

Codi is SO ROUGH! It's nice to know she isn't the only super rough girl. She is OBSESSED with pulling hair. So obsessed in fact that when we were in my parents ward over Christmas, Codi pulled a woman's wig off of her head while my sister Megan was holding her...mortifying. The girl has got the strongest grip of anyone I know. Luckily Caleb is old enough to know she is just a baby, but we will see how patient he really is once she starts crawling...hahahaha!

Kris and Cath said...

I love this post. 1. Congrats on signing up for the sprint triathalon. I just did a half marathon and it was magic that I finished... 2. How do I make fresh whipped cream???

Gage said...

Brooks' smile is contagious :)

I'm craving freshly whipped cream right now. Yum. And I just bought a BUCKET of strawberries, so maybe I'll have to act on that :)

Davis Valley Classic said...

Oh my gosh your kids are just so beautiful!
Grant and Avery have a love/hate relaionship. It's normal. I think it is more love though most of the time, and that is magic!
Good for you for doing the triathlon! You'll do great!!! You are way braver than I am... and in better shape!
I'm so happy you were able to hold Jocelyn. Come again soon to get some newborn snuggles in. Anytime you want!
Love ya!

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