Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My baby sister turned 20

My youngest sister Celeste turned 20 this past weekend, equally awesome as it is crazy. She is such a beautiful woman...the kind of beautiful that starts in the inside because she's kind and thoughtful and hilarious and creative and thoughtful and passionate. And it naturally shows on the outside...she's a stunner. Goodness I love her. And I was so, SO happy she made the trip down from BYU-Idaho to spend the weekend with us so we could celebrate her! 

Friday evening we kicked off the celebration weekend with a sushi dinner. With a glass and chopsticks in each hand, Brooks and Adam were our entertainment for the evening, love my little two-man band. And of course she needed candles to blow out, right?? So before we knew that our sweet server would bring her a delicious chocolate cake, we put her candles in the sushi. ;) She and Brooks (of course, the little pyro) blew out the candles, and then we devoured it all. :)

After dinner and the kids were in to bed, Adam retreated to his homework while Celeste and I enjoyed some girl time. Painted nails, ate way too many Cadbury Mini Eggs, and laughed late into the night while watching Friends. Loved that the next morning Celeste said she had a dream with Monica in it. haha! ;)

Saturday we went out for breakfast at our favorite local diner...Sill's Cafe. That place hits the spot. Every. Time. And Celeste and I ordered the same thing...sister-sister connection. Love it. :)

The sun was calling our name, so we listened, and went to park. Which was good because we needed to keep moving before the Sill's-food-coma could really set in. ;) From my last post it's obvious the kids love the Castle Park, but having Celeste there too...the kids were GIDDY. Brooks only wanted "Aunt Se-yest" to push him "high to da ceiling!" Ha! He adores her. 
^^  I'm playing it cool here while Brooks is saying "Se-yest! Se-yest swing!" HA.  ^^

After naps, Celeste and I packed up the kiddos (Adam stayed home to do more homework, we missed you love!) and headed down to Provo to visit two of Celeste's best friends from Washington that are going to BYU, Nancy and Sarai. We first went to a charming little pond to feed the ducks by street/moon light. Brooks looooved it! Then we went out for some classic Brick Oven pizza to fill our hungry bellies...and for a second night in a row, Brooks was our entertainment. This time he used his unique dance moves. ;) To finish the night off we went to The Cocoa Bean for delicious cupcakes and hot chocolate. We had such a fun time! All three of those lovely ladies were so sweet (and patient at times;) with Brooks and Ava throughout the night. Love those girls...happy that Celeste has such great friends.
^^  My sweet wallflower Ava was loving and being all sorts of silly with Sarai by the end of the night!  ^^

It's pretty awesome that I can say I really look up to my younger sister Celeste...and at the same time I absolutely love that she brings out the kid in me. Exhibit A: on Sunday, while we were waiting for her ride to pick her up, we had a good ol' time with Pop Rocks. So fun munching on that nostalgic candy while laughing at each other with our tongues out.

We hope this next year is the best of your life so far Celeste! So glad we got to celebrate your birthday with you! LOVE YOU SIS. xo


NKriste said...

Such a sweet post!! You always take such great pictures. :) Looks like you had a great time with your sister!

Davis Valley Classic said...

This post made me super hungry! Haha! Happy birthday to your cute sister! Looks like such fun weekend! I love your headband! Lets please go to Sills sometime! Maybe just you and me though, with the 5 kids between us, I think the thought of us ever going out to eat with our kids is out... until they are all in school! Haha! Maybe for our 2 year anniversary!

Marsha said...

That was some great birthday! So so happy you sweet girls had that time together. I know she'll cherish it always! Nothing like sister time!!!!!

Kris and Cath said...

This looks like SO much fun! I love all the eating, smiling, laughing! Gorgeous sisters

Adam and Hilary said...

What an awesome sister you are! You two are beautiful!

Britney said...

SISTERS!! I miss mine. All of these pictures brought a smile to my face! I love how, even with the age difference, you and your baby sister are so close :) B-T-Dubs, you look hot. Always. Totally jealous of that black maxi skirt.
And all of that food looks amazing! Sushi, breakfast, cupcakes--oh my. All of my favorites.

Heather Audrey Lapier said...

Looks like a super fun sister weekend. There is nothing like hanging out with your sister, being silly, eating and just being, it is the best. I am blessed to have two sisters. Great post and pictures.

Gage said...

What a fun weekend! Makes me miss my little sisters. One is headed to Norway on her mission next month!

I'm craving cadbury mini eggs now... oh yum.

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