Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Date Night Smorgasbord

^^ That's not us, but we went next! The Skycoaster was such a thrill! ^^

Over the last few months Adam and I have gone on more dates than the whole year previous. To say we've loved it is an understatement. "Just us" time gives our relationship such a boost! Here's a smorgasbord of pictures from some of our favorites -- going to Lagoon, enjoying our fave Indian restaurant, Starbucks, massages, and going for a drive up the mountains east of our home to enjoy the sunset.

So lucky that Adam is mine. And I'm beyond grateful for outings like these that put butterflies in my stomach and remind me of our courting days when I fell head over heels in love with him. 


Robin Kay said...

Date = my favourite night! Too much cuteness.

kylie said...

wish we could hang and go on double dates. we'd have so much fun!


Unknown said...

CUTE so glad you still get out on dates. you and your hub are such a great example to me! love you haley!

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