Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Brooks,

Today it snowed. And it snowed and snowed. Felt like we were living in a giant snow globe and we kind of loved it. :) While Ava slept, you and I headed out, per your request, to "play snowball fight like ELF"...oh, bring it on. ;) Wish I could have captured video of our sheniangans! But considering that I finally took my phone out with us capture some fun in all that powder (we've loved the snow the last couple weeks!) I'll call it good.

Watching you, sweet boy, try to catch snowflakes on your tongue, stomp through knee-deep snow, making and throwing snowballs in your batman gloves that are too big for your little hands, and then reminding you where your pockets were so you could warm up those hands that you said were "so wet and so code" were just a few moments that made my mama heart smile. And after you decided even your hat was "wet and code", we came inside to soak gingerbread cookies in milk, and it topped off our afternoon pretty nicely. We've had some pretty great mom-and-Brooks afternoons lately, and I treasure them. I treasure you.

Love you forever Brooks! And I'm so excited for our white Christmas next week!


1 comment:

Heather Audrey Lapier said...

What a beautiful note to your son, life really is about those beautiful small moments! Your ability to share your love openly is endearing, keep on sharing.

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