Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finding the Birthday boy's "Magic Tower"

Last Friday was Brooks' birthday! That sweet boy turned 4. Where did the time go?? Well, while Daddy was at work, I knew the littles and I needed a birthday adventure. So after seeing my friend Caroline post about the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Reserve, I knew we needed to explore that gorgeous place! It did not disapoint. We walked on a wooden path way through golden grass as far as the eye could see, with snowy mountains to the east, and a "magic tower" to the south. Brooks was so excited to get to it! Upon walking to the top of the tower, we (as in I;) sang "Happy Birthday" to our new 4 year old. I wish I could've bottled up that moment! On the way back, Ava had a bit of a melt down (haha oh girl), but for the most part the afternoon was pretty perfect. Love my little explorers. And we're excited to go back through out the summer and look for birds, as it's a reserve for some amazing species!
^^ They're hard to see, but there are two ducks in the water by the grass, to the right of Ava's head. The kids loved when we spotted them! ^^
^^ Kisses for my birthday boy! ^^
^^ The lookout from the tower. ^^


Alli Lizer said...

Oh my goodness these photos are precious. I really like the one of them sitting on the wooden beam. Beautiful. And Brooks has such a big smile!

Briseidy said...

beautiful photos! that place really looks awesome!
happy b-day to your little man

Anna said...

These pictures are just the sweetest!! Makes me so excited to be a mom someday :)

jer_z_chick said...

This is the neatest thing ever! Very cool. Thanks for sharing! The littles are adorable :)

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