Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

I grew up loving Christmas Advent Calendars. Each day in December leading up to Christmas, my younger sisters and I looked forward to opening the little, cardboard windows of our advents calendars (much like these) and eating the sweet piece of chocolate inside. And as the numbers on the windows got smaller, we knew Christmas was closer! Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face. And now that I have a little boy and girl I love that I can help make sweet Christmas memories for them! When I saw these two advent calendars at the lovely You Are My Fave blog (here and here) I knew I wanted to combine the two, add a little something to make it my own, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I can't wait for December 1st when I'll have Brooks open the Christmas-tree shaped box with "24" on it and see what's inside for him! Next year Ava will be able to enjoy the candy too. ;) But first comes Thanksgiving. Oh how I love this time of year. :)

24 Paper Mache Boxes
(I got my assortment at Michaels, but Hobby Lobby has similar ones)
Letter Stencils
48 Push Pins
(colors for the boxes, lettering, and numbering...I just used white and gold)
3 Paint brushes
(1 small brush for the boxes, 1 tiny brush for the numbers, 1 sponge for the lettering)

>> STEP 1 <<
Decide your Christmas message. Then, if your using them, lay out the stencils and trace the letters with a marker simliar to your paint color (I used a silver sharpie). You won't be able to paint the letters in order, stagger them as you paint. And make sure each letter is dry before painting the one next to it.

>> STEP 2 <<
Paint your boxes! This is the fun part. It's time consuming, but I caught up on a few favorite TV shows while painting so I was a happy camper, or painter I guess. ;)

>> STEP 3 <<
If you have an assortment of boxes like I do, and you want them in a pattern, first place your boxes where you want them to go and then paint the numbers on the lids.

>> STEP 4 <<
Pin 'em up! Be sure to secure the boxes with two push pins. 

>> STEP 5 <<
Add the sweets! Whether it's chocolate or fruity candy, put a wrapped-up sweet or two in each box. :)

>> STEP 6 <<
If you'd like, add a scripture verse in each box that can be read while the candy is enjoyed. :) I'm excited to read to Brooks and Ava each day...these verses highlight teachings of our Savior and then the account of His beautiful birth.  I found a list of scriptures here and added a few of my favorites too.
**UPDATE: My sweet friend Rachel shared a fun Christmas advent here using another set of scriptures with more verses each day, I love the stories of Christ's life and beautiful lessons they teach, so I'm using them now! :)

>> STEP 7 <<
Hang it up (I used Command Picture Hanging Strips) and look forward to a sweet and spiritual treat every day in December 'til Christmas Eve!

Sharing this over at Whipperberry! Go be inspired by other fabulous ideas, tutorials, and recipes!


Davis Valley Classic said...

Are you kidding me, friend? I'm super impressed. There is no way I can make something like this. So cute! I'm once again impressed by your craftiness!

Life Happens said...

Such a cute advent calendar!! I love the scripture inside each AND a treat.

Kris and Cath said...

Great idea! I love this and am 'repinning' for future use.

Jon & Margaret Leavitt said...

This is such a great idea! I was looking at buying one the other day, but I really like the idea of making one too. I love the fact that you added scriptures, what a great way to remind the kids what Christmas is truly about. Thanks for the great idea Haley!

Anonymous said...

i love i love! it's perfect

his little lady said...

Okay, I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out! Just perfect!
xo TJ

Kelle said...

this is perfect! too good!

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