Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet Home Vancouver!

Our trip to Vancouver was awesome...honestly...loved every minute of it! Even the plane ride was pretty darn nice :) (Delta has more than just peanuts as a complimentary snack...they have these scrumptious little Biscotti cookies that Adam & I enjoyed thoroughly! haha I like to enjoy the little things in life) It was dark when we pulled into Portland, so I couldn't see all the beautiful tree's, but I imagined them, and I smiled. Adam & I were so excited to see my parents, my 2 younger sisters, and my sister & her family that were coming the next day from Spokane. It felt SO GOOD to be HOME!

* This is a THANK YOU kiss for my sweet hubby for bringing me home *

* Portland does NOT mess around...the picture above is of a toilet in a public restroom @ the's hard to read, but the sign explains the reason for the special green handle ;) For "liquid waste" you pull up & for "solid waste" you push down...awesome. We like to conserve water in the NW...& recycle...proud of it too *

Friday afternoon Natalie & Duane and their 5 adorable kids arrived! They got there while Adam, Corrie (little sis), and I were at the gym...and it was great that we were in our gym clothes 'cause the kids wanted to go outside & it ended up get to play in the rain, and we get to cool off...eveyone wins :)

* Here's Natalie & me enjoying some delicious strawberries on the deck ** The kids LOVE their "GRAMPA"!! (i still say it like that, haha) He was telling them how you can "track" an animal...which is just what they did! *
* Here's 2 of the "trackers" (Aaron & Jason)...they made mud and then smoothed it out on the ground, on the side of the house, in hopes that an animal (racoon or possum) would walk over it that night & leave their tracks! It was so darn cute how excited they got! *

* "It looks like poo! It looks like poo!!!" I was laughing so hard i almost did just that ;) *

Saturday was Shauna's wedding day!!!!! We went to the Portland Temple and attended a beautiful sealing/wedding ceremony. It was so amazing to hear those promises again...Adam & I were sweetly reminded to serve eachother, to forgive eachother, to look toward our Heavenly Father together, to trust eachother...just a few of the ingredients to make a deliciuosly, truly happy life together as husband & wife :)

* We waited outside the temple for them...enjoying the beautiful flowers & landscaping of the literally is perfect :) *
INTRODUCING: Mr. & Mrs. Steve Amondson

* They are SO happy!!! And we're happy for them :) *

* Here we are with my good friend Monica & her hubby Dave :) we were all very excited for Shauna & Steve to join the club *

* the wedding party *
* Shauna & her bridesmaids...the bouquets were so fun! *
The reception later that night was beautiful! It was so fun to be there celebrating with Shauna & Steve! Our digital camera ran out of no pictures of the reception :( but definitely some good memories :)
On Sunday, Adam & I were able to sleep in and we woke up to the smell of rising sweet rolls :) And not just any sweet Mom's famous sweet rolls with delicious homemade cream cheese icing! The kids helped her roll out the dough, spread the butter, sprinkle the cinnamon sugar, roll the dough, and cut the rolls...nothing like helping Gramma in the kitchen!

* Here's my little nephew, Jason, enjoying Gramma's sweet rolls...MMMMMMM! *
On Monday I was able to pick up Celeste (little sis) from school...and I visited with my pottery teacher from high school! :) His name is Mr. Knoper...but he has his students call him Mike. He rocks :) I LOVED HIS CLASS. And i'm so glad Celeste is enjoying it too! My parents have her bowls, & platter all over the house...she's awesome :)

* Me & Mike *
Late Monday in 11:30 pm...we headed out to climb Mt. Hood. (you have to start climbing in the middle of the night so that you summit before the sun melts the snow & creates avalanche danger...) We didn't quite summit...we were so close!...but it was a gorgeous climb, and I was so glad to have Adam experience one of my Dad's passions :)
* Here's Adam in front of the map of Mt. Hood at the base :) There are lots more pictures of the I'm dedicating a whole post to it , tomorrow :] *
We got back from the climb with just enough time to shower & pack (or throw & shove our clothes into our suitcases) and head to the airport. It ended all too soon!!! But we'll be back! Thanks for a great time Mom & Dad!!!
* my sweet mom took us to the was a sweet "see you soon!"...they're coming to Utah in July! woohoo! *

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Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

WHat a fUn trip! YOu guys are such a darling couple. We need to have a little get together then. I think Adam played so well wiht Gracie that he might need a little girl of his own :)

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