Friday, April 24, 2009

Mt. Hood

As I promised in my last post, here's an account of our climb. Although it wasn't technically successful (we didn't summit), Adam & I both feel like we conquered & came out on top :)
My Dad has a passion for climbing and hiking...and his love for nature & all of Heavenly Father's creations has blessed our family. I've been so excited the last couple months, knowing that he would be taking Adam and I on the climb! And I had hoped it would be a good experience for Adam, because I've climbed Hood a few times & the conditions were not so good (crazy winds, white-outs, and bad snow)....but this was the best climb I've been on!!! The weather was perfect (clear skies & a light wind to keep us from getting too hot from hiking) and the the snow conditions were great too, for about 98% of the time...we didn't summit because we started a little too late, the sun was melting the snow & causing too much ice fall.
And Adam was a natural!! He's been hiking, but this was his first climb...he was always at the head of the pack & was great with all of the gear...that's my hubby!
* Adam, Corrie (little sis), & Dad gearing up *

* Here we are puttin' on our boots...and if we look a little tired, it's because we were. It was 1 AM *

* Here's our team...Adam, me, Corrie, Scott (Corrie's friend), Alex (boy in our church ward), & Dad *

* I tried to capture the stunning's pretty blury, but the colors are sweet *

* We start hiking from Timberline Lodge...and here are the guys climbing the ski's a long way...but a dang good work out! *

* Corrie & I were a little behind the guys by a few minutes at one point (we were the tortises & they were the hares...haha) and when we caught up, this it what we saw...ZZZZZZZZ! Sweet dreams fellas! heehee *
* I have this thing for shadows...and the mountain made a magnificent one!! It was awesome to see it move across the valley as the sun crept up the other side... *

* Here's Pops...drinking a climber's nectar of life: Powerade :) *

* I have to be honest and say that I was SO excited to kiss Adam on the summit! (kind of nerdy, but i thought it'd be romantic;) This kiss more than made up for it though ;) *

* Another sweet shadow's of us climbing the Hog's Back (a ridge that leads to the Pearly Gates...then to the summit) *

* This was our last push to the top...before my Dad said we should turn around because the snow conditions were not safe...He didn't want to turn around, but played it smart *

* This is a picutre of Scott, and to the right is the Hog's Back...the view was breathtaking to say the least *

* Here we are, stopped for breakfast :) may or may not have been that we were tired & very hungry, but i tell ya that bagel with PB & honey was to die for ;) *
* After hiking down the more technical parts, we get to the top of the ski slope and descend in style...SLEDS!! =D *

* ...or, if you're an awesome, in-shape 56 year old, you'll hike up with your skiis so you can
My Dad rocks :) *
* we're pretty hardcore *

* This, my friends, is most definitely a posed shot...the way down was not like the smooth roller coaster ride we were trying to depict here...but we laughed the whole way! We tried all sorts of ways to manuever our packs & keep our [rather flimsy] sled from goin ape-wild & steering us off course! Our most successful sledding technique was to have me sit cross-legged in the front, Adam would kneel behind me and hold on to my shoulders, meanwhile i steered with my hands...we were quite the sight to behold. hAHhahAhahaHA *
* The gang in front of Mt. Hood...lookin' good ;) *
Thanks for the amazing climb Dad!!!!

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