Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last Saturday I went to a Yoga class at the gym I work out at. I've always heard great things about Yoga...but never been really interested. I've been missing out! I went to the gym ready to work out, feel the burn, & get a good sweat goin'...and yoga did just that, and more!! I felt rejuvinated, yet incredibly relaxed...I felt like my flexibility was improved just from that one class...and I made friends with a nice woman on the yoga mat next to me. I loved the funny names of the poses..."downward facing dog," "hastasana," "[something] cow", just to name a few...and at the end, the instructor said, "Namaste," and the class said it back to her. I looked it up, and it means
"I respect the divinity that is within you that is also within me."

This is a picture of me...okay, okay not me technically...but it will be me in just a few days! Adam and I (along with his two brothers & their cute wives) will be heading to Belize on Thursday!!!!!...and I plan to do a couple yoga sessions on the beach, hopefully Adam will join me!...we'll see how it goes (doing it from memory & getting poses off the internet. haha)

That's what I call paradise...we can't wait :)

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