Sunday, May 10, 2009

Angel Moms

Adam and I are so blessed...we have two Moms (getting married has lots of special benefits:) that we love with all our hearts. They are AMAZING women...I am going to try my best to follow in their footsteps when I become a mother.
The picture above is one of me and my sweet Mom, Marsha Ann Anderson Stum. (Isn't she a beauty????...i LOVE it when people say we look alike:) My mom is such an example to me of a hardworking woman who has a the biggest heart. Let me give you a little background...she grew up in a wonderful family and went off to BYU after high school, but dropped out of school to take care of her sick mother who eventually passed away (I can't wait to meet her:), leaving the 2 youngest girls at home. My mom helped take care of her sisters for a while and then went out into the working world...working in public relations in Texas, New York, & Utah. She was quite the career woman! She met my sweet Dad, with his 5 children (his first wife had passed away, I can't wait to meet her as well), and they were married when she was 33 (he was 35)...what a woman!!!!! How selfless, courageous, faithful, and loving she was to become an insta-mom to 5 children. I was born 9 months after they got married (yea for honeymoon babies! heehee) and my 2 sisters followed soon after. My Mom, & Dad, did a stellar job at raising us 8 crazy kids :) We don't even think of eachother as "half brothers or sisters"...we're just family, and we love it. My Mom is constantly thinking of others...her husband and children, her neighbors, her friends, her fellow church members, and even strangers. Anyone and everyone who comes in contact with her is absolutely drawn to her energetic love for life, and her genuine care for those around her. I love my Mom with all my heart, and I love how much she loves my sweetheart Adam :) We wished we could have been with her today...Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

This picture is of Adam and his precious Mom, Stana Lu Smoot Kjar. He loves her SO SO SO much :) I can remember while we were dating up at BYU-Idaho, I was so impressed with how he spoke of his mother. He said he was so grateful for all she's done for him, he loved that she was a stay-at-home-mom, he loved that she (and his Dad) supported him & came to all his soccer games & wrestling matches growing up, he loved that she loved the gospel, he said, "She is an angel"...and she is just that. (she reminds me a lot of my Mom...which is one reason, of many, why I found it so easy to call her "Mom" :) She is a woman who loves her children, and they love her. Just today, we had a lovely Mother's Day dinner at their home, Adam and I were talking with some of his siblings about what we did last night (Saturday), and Danner (youngest boy in the family) told us that after hanging out with his friends, he stayed up late talking with his mom. Please note that he is a 17 year old boy...okay, how awesome is that?? I asked what they talked about, and he said, "ya know, life." :) I absolutely love that she (Mama Kjar) is there to talk with her children, and that they want to share so much with her, even her teenage boy. I want, with all my heart, to be there for my be a listening ear, to have a listening heart, to be a listening mother. Adam and I are grateful for her example of a loving parent.

We love our mothers so much...they're angels in our lives :)

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Sunshine Promises said...

Haley - So fun to learn more about your mom. I only met her at the wedding and don't believe I've seen her since. I can see why you love her so much. Moms ARE wonderful.

And AMEN, AMEN, AMEN on Stana Lou. She IS everything you wrote . . . and more. With every passing year, I become more and more grateful for her. I'm glad you love her as we do. You definitely have good taste;-)

Hope you enjoyed your first day as a "potential mother!"

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