Monday, May 11, 2009

California Dreamin'

As I mentioned in my yoga post a couple weeks ago, for the last few months Adam and I have had this amazing trip planned...we were headed to Belize!! We were going to be traveling with his 2 brothers (Luke & Ben) and their wives (Becca & LaCol)...but, thanks to the notorious Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico, our plans changed...
Plan B: Roadtrip!!!!

Itinerary: St. George, Las Vegas, California

Here we are...hittin' the road! It was such a gorgeous day =)
*note: we were listening to the Lion King soundtrack right about now...haha! I love long drives with lots of music!
1st stop: ST. GEORGE
We had quite the fun drive with Ben & LaCol down to St. George, where Adam's sweet Grandma has a condo she so generously leaves open to her family. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there :) Thanks Grandma Kjar!
Friday morning we went to hike in Zion's National Park. There are so many awesome hikes & trails to choose from...we ended up picking Angel's Landing, and we picked right!

Taking a break to enjoy the view...and few kisses ;)

Luke, Becca, LaCol, Ben, Adam, me...such a fun group :)

Here's Adam showing us his skills!!

Look at that view!
We reached the top!! was quite the hike, i loved it cause I was able to get a work out while on vacation & had a blast doing it!

After the hike, we got cleaned up and went out to a delicious Mexican restaurant in St. George...DeLIciOso!
2nd stop: LAS VEGAS
We headed down to Vegas on Saturday to catch the Motocross World Championships!
Waiting for our awesome friend who got us in for favorite price :) He ownes a business that has a gets promoted at these type of let's just say, he knows people

Adam, me, Luke, Becca, LaCol, & Ben...we may or may not have been enjoying the races from reserved seats ;)
I'd never been to a motocross event, it was awesome!!!

We're really good about rollin' with the, since the races got over later than we thought, we ditched the original plan of driving straight to Cali...and instead, slept in our car... HA! (we're poor newly weds, and we were saving every penny for our adventure that awaited us in Disneyland!)
Ben & LaCol look comfy :) HahA! Ben is so resourceful...TP pillow, who woulda thought?
This was my first time to California, so I was SOOOO excited!! In California, we (minus Luke & Becca. they, sadly enough, had to get back to utah for work) were lucky enough to stay with this awesome family, the Westbrooks, who the Kjars know (they met at BYU...and have kept in touch & stayed close. awesome). They were so good to us!! We arrived on Sunday afternoon to a beautiful Sunday dinner :) It was so great to get to know them, they've become great friends even from our short trip.
Sunday night, after dinner, we went to the beach for a nice sunset stroll...
The sunset was better than perfect...such a good night with such good people.

(bottom row: LaCol, me, Diane [the mom]
top row: Ben, Adam, Nancy [the grandma], Robert [son], Jaci [his wife] )
After the evening walk on the beach, we came back and had some good fun with SCUM...have you ever played it?? I hadn't played it in forever, and i forgot how much fun it is!
The next day we were planning on heading to Disneyland (another first for me!!!!...and LaCol, we were STOKED!), and since this family is a bunch of Disnland goo-roos, they gave us tons of awesome tips (use Fast Passes!) so that our experience there could be the very best (especially since we were only there for 2 days). I went to sleep that night dreaming of Cinderella's castle, all of the fun rides, cottoncandy, the disney characters, & the magic of Disneyland I have waited to experience all my life :)
Disneyland rocked my world.
This is a picture of a Street Dance Party they had!...there's nothing small about Disneyland, they do everything BIG. The colors, the music, the smiles on the dancers' faces, it was great...i felt like a little kid.
Here we are with Mary Poppins herself & Bert :) I absolutely loved how in-character they were while we took the photo!..."Chin up everyone!" she said! so stinkin' cute =)
And i loved her dress, hat, gloves, & parasol...classy:)
Here we are on the INDIANA JONES ride!!! Adam was so excited to take me on it! I'm just glad I had him to grab on to!

We're a bit moist in this picture after riding Splash Mountain...okay, we got soaked :)
We had to grab some In-N-Out :)
Day 2 of Disneyland!!...& California Adventure
We went to California Adventure first thing on Tuesday morning...
Yep, A is for Adam!

The day before, we got a litte bit of a late start...but we learned from our mistake, and this morning we were the first ones in the park!!!! There's LaCol & Ben, making there way to the first ride of the day :)

We were the first ones to the California Screamin' we had the front and is was a BLAST!!! After we hopped off the coaster, we got right back in line for round 2 (waited a whole 3 minutes, it rocked).

What can i say?...he's a rascal ;) heehee!

Our favorite ride was the TOWER OF TERROR!!! (Adam and I are in the front left of the picture, & Ben and LaCol are just to the right of us...haha, we were posed:)
This little backdrop totally got me!! We were walking down the street & from far away it took me a couple seconds to get that it was a painting...haha!

These were some very entertaining street performers in California Adventures...acappella + good does it get?? :)

This was a restaurant Mama Kjar had told us about...the Blue Bayou...the atmosphere was one-of-a-kind!! It's set right inside the Pirates of the Caribbean's lit by chinese-lanterns & candle light on the tables :)

It was a perfect lunch :) A nice way to relax in the middle of a crazy, eventful day at Disneyland!

My healthy-eating plan didn't apply while we were in Disneyland ;) ...lots of yummy snacks :) Here we're enjoying a Dole pineapple float! soooooooooo tasty!

The whole trip was a dream come true...thanks to my prince charming!
Thank you so much for taking me to the happiest place on earth sweetheart!!

The last day in California we went to the beach :)

It's official...i'm in love with California, especially Disneyland :)

The whole vacation was a blast!! Thanks Ben, LaCol, Luke, & Becca for such a great time!
Can't wait for the next roadtrip with my bestfriend...the possibilities are endless :)


Lincoln and Alisia said...

How is it that I just now know about your blog? Looks like you guys had a blast! Your pics are adorable. Next time you should plan a road trip out east... I hear DC is beautiful...

Sunshine Promises said...

Looks fun! Hey, do you guys have an email address for Diane and family? We are planning a trip to Disneyland this winter and would love to talk with them. Thanks!

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