Thursday, May 21, 2009

MacCool's & Shuffle Board

Wednesday night, after a rambunctious night of Cub Scouts (that's why cub scout cheers made me smile yesterday:), Adam and I went out to dinner with a couple of his old high school friends, Luke & Jaycie Allen. They're actually high school sweethearts (everybody together now, "Awwwee!") and they've been married for 2 years now...on the same day as Adam and I!! =)
We went to MacCool's Pub in Layton. Adam and I have been there once before and loved it! It's a unique restaurant that specializes in Irish dishes. We highly recommend it :)

After we enjoyed our dinners (none of us finished...yay for lunch tomorrow!), we headed for the shuffle board table. I always though that shuffle board was for sweet old men & old ladies...think again! It's honestly a ton of fun!! :) It's a long, narrow wooden table that has a thin layer of this sand-stuff sprinkled over it (to make it slippery). The point of the game is to push/place a weight (really heavy, thick pucks) as far down the table as possible, without it falling off. The closer it is to the end, the more points :) And you'd be surprised how slick the board is because of the sand stuff...mine usually flew off. haha Adam & I were on Team Blue and Luke & Jaycie were on Team Red... We had a great time!


* Adam doesn't get competetive at all... haHAHa! *

* Here I am!...watching my weight go...go...go off the edge ;) *


* Luke was awesome! Look at that focus... *

* Here's Jaycie's perfect plays!! She got two 4-pointers in a row! *

* It was Adam's turn & she was saying, "Please, please, please don't knock mine off!!"

They ended up distroying us...haha! Jaycie's skills were just too hot to handle!

Thanks for the fun time Luke & Jaycie!!

We had such a great night! And they live right in we're most definitely excited to get together again, soon :)

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Lena said...

fun stuff! i am not the hottest shuffle board player that is for certain! If you want to feel like a stud, just play me next time!

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