Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Adam and I celebrated our 1-Year Anniversary this past Sunday :)
It's crazy how fast time can slip through our fingers...and it makes me SO happy to know that, while this year did fly by, we enjoyed every moment together. Adam & I started it out right...in the Salt Lake City Temple with family & friends that we love so much. And since that day, we've loved being able to wake up next to each other every morning, we've learned how to communicate better with each other, we've had differing opinions, we've laughed & we've cried together (at the same time on more than one occassion), we've prayed together, we've sought advice from each other, we've read to each other, we've bought a home together, we've served in the Cub Scouts together (kinda), we've traveled together, we've enjoyed numerous sushi dinners/lunches together, we've danced in the kitchen to candle light, we've enjoyed watching DVD's on our laptops in bed (due to lack of TV, which we like), we've taken millions & billions (okay, maybe not quite) of photos to capture our memories, we've grown in love with each other more each day...we've been blessed.
I'm so, So, SO grateful for my sweet husband. He is the world to me...I thank my Heavenly Father for him in each of my prayers. How I got so lucky to get him, I still have yet to find out ;) He helps me want to be my best. He's my prince charming!!! I feel like a princess as his wife. And I know, from how he treats me & our families, he's going to be an absolutely AWESOME father to our [future] children...those little kiddies are going to have the best Daddy-o on the block!...no, in the world! =)
We look forward to the rest of our life together...and the rest of forever :)

...AnNiVErSary CeLeBRaTiOn...

Here's what we did on Sunday, and mostly Monday, to celebrate the best year of our lives so far!!

Sunday morning Adam was SO stinkin' sweet to make me breakfast in bed :)

(but for the record...what actually happened was that I woke up with my hubby MIA, so I walked into the kitchen, I could hear he was up to something. I found him, oh so sweetly, making me breakfast. "You're supposed to still be asleep sweetheart," he says... "It's okay," I reply, "let's make it together!" "No, no no! You get back to bed, and I'll bring it into you." So, I float back to our bedroom with thoughts of how I am the luckiest girl in the world. I then proceed to fold laundry on the bed while listened to conference talks :] Soon after, we enjoy the yummy breakfast Adam prepared!...which included french toast with Nutella --> to...die...for...)

On Monday, I planned a few surprises for my hubby... :)

* Yea for bring married for 1 whole year!!! woohoo! *

We went out for sushi at Happy SumAlign Centero in Salt Lake's Gateway...we sat out side in the perfectly sunny weather and enjoyed our delicious sushi =)

* Chopstick-teeth is always a winner...Yeah for being dorks in a public setting!!! *

And guess who we saw while we were out to lunch?????...the one, the only...John Schmidt!! He was out to lunch with his wife =)

(here's a link to an awesome video of him playing his version of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" mixed with Cold Play's "Viva la Vida"...awesome)

* By the time i thought to use my paparazzi skills, he was walking away...but i got a picture of the back of his cute little red head! heehee *

Next on the mystery agenda was to head over to Liberty Park & ride the ferris wheel (yep, the one from the movie Charly...and I'll admit it's one of my favorite movies...so it was a pretty big deal to be riding it with my forever sweetheart)And for entertainment purposes...look for the difference in the next 2 picutres... ;)
* sigh...blinking pictures...gotta love 'em *

* look at those eyes!! makes me melt... *

* kisses...kisses...can't get enough ;) *

* the sun was so cozy...oh, and i was wrapped up in the arms of my best friend *

* The ferris wheel seat in front of us was #1!...again, yeah for 1 year!! *

After the perfect ferris wheel ride, we went on a little stroll around the park...holding hands, of course =)

We saw these two cute little girls... * Why this picture rocks: the grown-up tricycle, the younger sister in the basket, they both have blonde dreads, & she's wearing pink camo pants *

While wandering Liberty Park, we happened upon a group of super nice hippies that were selling tie-die blankets, shirts, tanktops, & dresses...they had some pretty sweet jewelry & some hand-made sandals (i wanted a pair, but my not-so-dainty feetsies wouldn't fit)...

And being that it was Memorial Day, I found it quite fitting that Liberty Park has this monument...it says "For Those Who Served in the World Wars." We're grateful for those who've lost their lives fighting for our freedom. After the park, we were off to our surprise dinner appointment...which Adam figured out pretty quick...we had reservations at 7 but we had to leave at 6 to get there... ;) We were heading to Midway, which is where we stayed for our honeymoon last May, at the Homestead Resort :) One of the restaurants we ate at on our honeymoon was the Blue Boar Inn...European fine-dining, with such a unique atmostphere. It was so fun to be back there!
We decided our first course would be a delicious salad...and escargot!!!! * My first escargot experience...very unique, and surprisingly really delicious! *

The dinner was absolutely divine...and it's always better when you're sharing it with your other half :)

We had a wonderful time celebrating our first anniversary together!! Here's to many, many more! I love you Adam!!!!

PS - We really wanted to get away for a night in Park City...but instead, we decided to save that $$ to buy a picture of the Salt Lake Temple for our home :) We went by Deseret Book on our way to sushi and found this gorgeous piece...we'll keep shopping around 'til we find "the one"...can't wait to have it up in our front room! Does anyone have suggestions for places that sell church artwork for a good price??


Jenni M. said...

Sam got my wedding present at Seagull book, which is a gorgeous painting of the Sacred Grove. I think they normally have a really good artwork sale during the summer months. Check there.

Sunshine Promises said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! You are so great together. A perfect match. So glad you got to get away! Happy First!

P.S. I'll ditto the Seagull book recommendation. There is a picture of the Savior there that we LOVE that we are saving up for. They tend to have really good sells on their art work occasionally. I have also seen some great artwork for sale on KSL.com classifieds. That way you can barter. Happy shopping!

Jenni M. said...

My friend sent me this video link of Jon Schmidt, thought you might like it too!


Jon & Margaret Leavitt said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are truly adorable together, and you can tell by the pictures and the words you write how much in love and how much fun you guys have together!! Wishing all the best, and lots of love for many more years to come!!! :)

Jenny said...

My suggestion is wait until Christmas time. We got a huge picture of the bountiful Temple at Costco for a really good deal. Sometimes around Christmas time Desert Book has them for 1/2 off.

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